Undergraduate Admissions

Dept. NO Program Degree
Department of Physics 1 Physics Bsc
2 Applied Physics Bsc
Department of Chemistry 3 Chemistry Bsc
Department of Biology 4 Biological Sciences Bsc
5 Biotechnology Bsc
6 Bioinformatics Bsc
Department of Biomedical Engineering 7 Biomedical Engineering BEng
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 8 Communication Engineering BEng
9 Opto-electronic lnformation Science and Engineering BEng
10 Information Engineering BEng
Department of Materials Science and Engineering 11 Materials Science and Engineering BEng
School of Environmental Science and Engineering 12 Environmental Science and Engineering BEng
13 Hydrology and Water Resources
Department of Computer Science and Engineering 14 Computer Science and Technology BEng
15 Intelligence Science and Technology BEng
Department of Mathematics 16 Financial Mathematics BEc
17 Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Bsc
18 Statistics Bsc
Department of Finance 19 Finance BEc
20 Financial Engineering BEc
Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering 21 Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Bsc
22 Aerospace Engineering BEng
Department of Mechanical and Energy Engineering 23 Mechanical Engineering BEng
24 Robotics Engineering BEng
School of Microelectronics 25 Microelectronics Science and Engineering BEng


Admission Requirements

● Age 18 or above

● Officer of acceptance is conditional upon presentation of high school diploma

● English proficiency test required (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT scores obtained within last two years are accepted), waived for native English speakers

● Academically prepared for rigorous STEM study

● Click here for more info of academic requirement


How to Apply

Step 1: Online application

● Application form

● Photocopies of passport, high school transcript, or college transcript if relevant

● Proofs of English language proficiency, waived for native English speakers

● Photocopy of certificate on A-LEVEL/O-LEVEL/AP/IB/CBSE/SAT/ACT/Others if relevant

● Two recommendation letters sent by the applicant’s high school teachers

● Proofs of special strengths and talents (optional)

Please click here for more information 

Step 2: Admissions Tests

Qualified applicants will be selected to proceed to the online admissions tests in maths, physics, and English (where applicable).


Step 3: Interview

Successful candidates will receive notice via email with the arrangements for their online interview. A panel of faculty members will assess candidate suitability during a 10-20min session held over Skype.


Application Deadlines

Application Deadline Online Tests and Interviews
First round 31 December, 2019 1-15 January, 2020
Second round 28 February, 2020 1-15 March, 2020
Third round 15 April, 2020 15-30 April, 2020



Full scholarship ,equivalent to US$9000-10000 per year, covers tuition fees, dormitories ,insurance and

living expenses during the four years of college study on the condition that good academic standing

is maintained.


Costs for Reference


4,600 USD/year*


200 USD/year*


100 USD/year*

Residence permit

100 USD/year*

Health check

100 USD

Food,books and miscellaneous

230-300 USD/month


7,900-8,700 USD/year*

 *(Items with a mark of * are all coverd by the full scholarship)
                                                                          Monthly stipend issued 400 USD
Contact Information
Tel.:+86-755-88018005  88015435        Email:  intladmissions@sustech.edu.cn