SUSTech operates on the principle of equality between international and domestic students. Regarding accommodation, this means that our international students live alongside our Chinese students in the brand new dormitories (as of 2019) on our evergreen campus.

The dormitories for undergraduate students consist of 4 person rooms, each with 4 bunkbeds, and desk and closet space underneath. Bathroom facilities are separate on each floor, with 8 showers and 8 toilets shared in the same floor. Whilst the dorm buildings are co-ed, there are single-sex floors with restricted access. This arrangement will change in the coming years as more new students transition to the new dormitories, although female floors will always the top floors within each building, providing stunning views across the campus.

For safety reasons, no cooking facilities or kitchens are provided within the dormitories. Students can purchase cold foods for storage in personal refrigerators or make use of the campus dining halls and restaurants, or the dining options located near campus.

Safety and security are paramount both in the dormitories and across campus. Access to campus itself is restricted to campus card holders and visitors with permission, whilst the dormitory elevators have limited access to dormitory residents controlled through facial recognition. Visitors are permitted during specific visiting hours, however overnight visiting is strictly forbidden.

Note: a certain amount of free electricity is provided in each dormitory room. However, during heavy periods of usage the monthly electricity fees may exceed this amount. Excess costs can be shared amongst roommates from amongst the scholarship’s monthly stipend payments.



Whilst cooking facilities are unavailable within the student dormitories, campus does have an increasingly wide range of dining options for students. The student dining halls provide cheap, Chinese meals and the Western restaurant, Subway, and Starbucks offer an alternative when you feel like a change.

Vegetarian, vegan, and Halal diets are sadly not currently accounted for within the dining halls. Food labelling for allergens is also currently not provided.

More information can be found at the link.


Residential Colleges

The residential college system is a core part of the comprehensive education at SUSTech. The diverse college culture aims to help students grow responsibly, emotionally and socially, while providing them with a full range of extracurricular learning and life activities. Residential colleges spare no efforts in building a tight-knit professor-student community and provides the opportunity for peer communication across different subjects as well as peer learning support.

State of the Art Facilities

The RC centers comprise student apartment blocks and related support facilities including sports grounds and convenience stores. Each Residential College has its name, culture, tradition, activities and non-official education program, as well as tutoring, consultation, and interest clubs.

A Lifetime Choice

Newly recruited students can join any residential college of SUSTech, and make their choice based on the characteristics of each one. After a student joins the residential college of their choice, the residential college assigns a tutor to each student. The tutor is a full-time professor of SUSTech who will guide the student in his new life at college as well as beyond the four years of study.

The dean responsibility system applies to each residential college. Each college invites famous professors to act as dean of their college, and they will be affiliated with their college office to manage the daily affairs.

More information can be found by following this link.


Undergraduate Education

SUSTech currently offers 29 undergraduate majors (as of Fall 2019). Students follow follow our General Education model, which requires the study of a broad curriculum of courses to be passed during the first 2 years of study before students declare their major before the start of their 3rd year and progress onto Major Foundational, Core and Elective courses.

All undergraduate students must take required general education courses in Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Physical Education, and English, with the level of each decided by the predicted major and interests of the student. International students at SUSTech must also complete 6 semesters of Chinese Language courses and Chinese Culture courses. General Eduction electives in Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences, Music and Arts, and Sciences are also requirements.

All General Education Required courses are provided in English, while other courses related to majors and electives are either English, Bilingual or Chinese.

The freedom provided by this approach gives all SUSTech undergraduate students a solid STEM foundation and allows them to build their own curriculum each semester.

For more information, the 2019 Undergraduate Program for international students is available to download here.


Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS)

In order to provide dedicated support services for international SUSTechers, in 2019 the OISS was created. The Office’s mandate is to promote the integration of international undergraduates, postgraduates and faulty members into campus culture.

Aside from managing the recruitment and admissions process for undergraduates, the Office also assistance with visa and residence permit issues, holds cultural activities, lectures and excursions, provides orientation services, and acts as an all-purpose information hub for international students and faculty.


Presidential Scholarship

Upon being enrolled at the university, all international students receive a full scholarship,equivalent to US$9000-10000 per year, covering tuition fees, dormitories, insurance and the majority of living expenses during the four years of college study on the condition that good academic standing is maintained. Scholarship regulations can be found here.