Global Embracement Students Visit BGI – CNGB

Global Embracement Students Visit BGI - CNGB

2021-04-12 Non-degree

The pandemic of COVID-19 is still not over worldwide, but students of SUSTech's Global Embracement program do not stop exploring Shenzhen. After the last visit to Shenzhen Seeed Studio and Chaihuo makers, on the afternoon of April 9, teachers of SUSTech Global and students of Global Embracement went to Beijing Genomics Institute(BGI) - China National GeneBank located in Dapeng New District in Shenzhen to learn more about this frontier institution in life sciences.

Founded in 1999, BGI is the world's leading life science frontier institution and the most innovative and powerful genomics research institution in China, which has completed the "Chinese part" of the International Human Genome Project (1%, undertaking most of the work). The China National GeneBank(CNGB), which was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and other three ministries and commissions for construction in Shenzhen in 2011, and is built and operated by BGI, is the first gene bank in China and is among the world's leading gene banks.

The BGI - CNGB is located in the "Hetangzai" site in Dapeng New District, Shenzhen, and it is built on a mountain with a beautiful environment. The students first watched the promotional video of BGI and listened to the teachers of BGI College introducing the origin of life, the development of BGI and the frontier applications of gene technology.

According to the teacher of BGI College, the CNGB has initially built a business structure of "three repositories and two platforms", with "repositories" being the biological sample repository, bioinformatics repository and living animal and plant resources repository; "two platforms" are the digitization platform and synthesis and editing platform.

Afterwards, the students visited the exhibition hall of the gene bank and learned about the high-throughput gene sequencing room, supercomputing room and other advanced genetic research equipment.

In the discussion session afterwards, many students from biology and life science related majors raised many professional questions, which were answered by the host teachers of BGI College.

In addition to the advanced genetic research equipment in the laboratory, the students were also impressed by the spacious and open office atmosphere, the natural working environment and the living plant and animal resources of the BGI - CNGB.

The "Global Embracement - Walking in Shenzhen" event has been conducted for three times, and we will continue to visit more institutions and enterprises with our Global Embracement students in the future to "enter Pengcheng and approach Shenzhen".


Text by Boqiang DU

Photo by Boqiang DU / Luo LEI