Korean Universities Delegation visits SUSTech

Korean Universities Delegation visits SUSTech

Apr 11, 2017 Latest

On April 7th 2017, a delegation of Korean universities was invited to visit SUSTech. The purpose of the visit was to share and exchange ideas on practical problems such as student start-up companies, entrepreneurship education and the combination of production, teaching and research in colleges and universities. The delegation was composed of representatives for leading universities in Korea, including:

- Heekyung Park, Vice President of Scientific Research of the Korea Science and Technology Institute

- Doh-Yeon Kim, President of Pohang University of Technology

- Wan Kyun Chung, Vice President of Scientific and Industrial Affairs

- Seong Jin Park, Vice President of Industry and Academic Affairs

- Yong-Hak Kim, Yonsei University President

- Moon Gun Choi Vice President of Research, as well as a number of other key figures.

Exchanging ideas

Vice President of International Affairs Associate Professor Lu Chun and Professor of the Department of Chemistry Liu Ke, Director of Materials Science and Engineering Department Cheng Xin, Director of Mechanical and Energy Engineering Department Rong Yiming, Computer Science and Deputy director of the project Hao Qi and other SUSTech leading members joined the delegation to participate in the talks. Also attending the meeting were representatives from the Innovative Entrepreneurship Institute, the Department of International Cooperation, and a number of Korean scholars from SUSTech.

SUSTech President Chen Shiyi

Professor Chen welcomed to the delegation visit and hoped they were find it as pleasant as he did his visit of the University of Science and Technology in Pohang. He was followed by Professor Tang Tao who introduced the scientific research strength, cooperation and joint training of the school. Lu Chun then made a comprehensive introduction of SUSTech, highlighting the close relationship the university maintains with the city of Shenzhen and the economic industry, as well as the school's course programs, faculty members, and international development plans.

For many members of the delegation, it wasn't just a first-time visit to SUSTech, but to the city of Shenzhen. They were impressed by the phenomenal social and economic development of the city, and even more so by SUSTech's development, and were charmed by the natural campus surroundings. Hoping to build closer ties between Korean educational institutions and SUSTech, Don-Yeon Kim, president of Pohang University of Technology, said: "To travel fast, one travels alone; but to travel far, we travel together” and said he welcomed future exchanges and partnerships between SUSTech and Korean universities and professors. The visit continued with a presentation on the university's campus model.

Related Background:

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), built in 1971, is a public research university specialised in natural science, life sciences and bioengineering, engineering, arts and culture and business. The university not only undertakes national research projects, but also works jointly with major companies on development projects such as Samsung, LG and many other industry leaders.

Pohang University of Science and Technology (often referred to as POSTECH) was founded in 1986, and is South Korea's first research-oriented university. It has now developed into one of the world's leading research-oriented science and technology universities, and one of South Korea's most dynamic engineering center. The school has the only national Accelerator Laboratory and Biotechnology Research Center, the National Nano Materials Research Center, South Korea Intelligent Robot and Fusion Technology Research Center and is home to many other of the country's top research centers.

Seoul National University, formerly known as the National University of Seoul is recognized as the highest institution in Korea. It was founded by the Japanese in 1924 under the name Imperial University and in 1946 was renamed Seoul University by the Republic of Korea's government. The university is a member of the Asian University Alliance, the Pacific Rim Union, the East Asia Four University Forum and the East Asian Research University Association.

Yonsei University is a Christian private research-based comprehensive university, founded in 1885. It is one of the oldest universities in Korea and was ranked second in Korea's top universities.

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