SUSTech named China’s top 10 university for the 3rd year in a row

SUSTech named China’s top 10 university for the 3rd year in a row


On September 2, Times Higher Education (THE) released its THE World University Rankings 2021. Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) has ranked higher this year at 251-300th in the world. It has also moved up to 8th among mainland Chinese universities.

It is the first time that SUSTech has entered the top 300 of THE World University Rankings.

Ranking result

SUSTech first entered THE World University Rankings in 2018, and this is the third year in a row that it has been ranked in the top 10 in mainland China. This year, 1527 universities from 93 countries and regions, including 91 universities from mainland China are on the list. SUSTech’s improvement in rankings demonstrates its significant progress in such a short space of time.

Among the five indicators of THE World University Rankings (Teaching, Research, Citations, Industry Income, and International outlook), SUSTech continues to perform at a high level in Citations and International outlook. Industry Income rose by 38.2% and Research by 49.8%.

As a young university celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, SUSTech has been listed in several important world rankings. Times Higher Education (THE) ranked SUSTech 8th in mainland China and 33rd in Asia in their Asia University Rankings 2020. THE also selected SUSTech among the top 50 best young universities in the world, maintaining its position as the best young university in mainland China. The QS World University Rankings 2021 ranked SUSTech 14th in mainland China and 323rd in the world on debut. According to the latest monthly Nature Index ranking based on 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 research output and published by the publisher of the international scientific research journal Nature, SUSTech ranks 58th in the world in terms of the weighted paper value and 17th in China.

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MIT’s “global classroom” comes to Shenzhen

MIT's “global classroom” comes to Shenzhen


“I’m pleased to hold MIT’s first overseas Chinese program in Shenzhen. MIT-IAP Shenzhen is benefiting from technological advances, creative culture and social innovation resources within the city.”

------Dr. Haohsiang Liao 

Director of MIT Chinese Program


MIT-IAP Shenzhen (4-19 January 2020)


*MIT: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

*SUSTech: Southern University of Science and Technology

*SUSTech Global: Global Engagement Office

*IAP: Independent Activities Period


MIT-IAP Shenzhen

The program was jointly designed by the MIT Chinese Program and SUSTech Global. The morning sessions were taught by the MIT instructor, with one hour practice assisted by SUSTech students as language buddies. The afternoon sessions were comprised of field studies arranged by SUSTech Global. The course outcome was that each student would be able to make a presentation in Mandarin on a topic related to China.

On January 4, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) welcomed a group of undergraduate students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to take part in the MIT Independent Activities Period Shenzhen Program (MIT-IAP Shenzhen). Eight students studied Mandarin and experienced life in Shenzhen for two weeks.

MIT began building their Global Strategy in 2017 which emphasized MIT’s distinctive “global classroom” in which students develop communicative and intercultural competencies, critical thinking skills, intellectual curiosity, and cross-cultural understanding through on-site projects, augmented by country-specific cultural and historical education and language training. This year, MIT’s Chinese Program chose Shenzhen as its first overseas project site in partnership with SUSTech.


MIT students lived and studied on SUSTech campus, undertaking projects and exploring city life together with SUSTech students


The program of MIT-IAP Shenzhen allowed students to fully immerse themselves in the local environment, boosting their language proficiency and cultural awareness. Moreover, it helped students start to gain understanding & insight into contemporary China; as well as highlighting interest in cultural differences between China and the United States.

Heekyoung Woo, Elizebeth Murray and John Lin decided to carry out research on - respectively - educational differences between China and the U.S., China’s college entrance examination system, prejudices between both nations.

Minna Wyttenbach, a MIT student in mechanical engineering interviewed Chinese students Luyu Xiaohou and Haichuang Che to learn about the SUSTech course CAD(Computer Aided Design) Engineering with regards to its pedagogy and research assignment. During the final presentation, Minna shared her findings about the differences between students’ conducting research project at MIT and SUSTech.


SUSTech robotics lab


Tencent’s VR technology


Experiencing Shenzhen’s innovative culture at Chaihuo Makers


Meeting the start-up company CODEMAO’s CTO Mr. Yue Sun


Field studies

The afternoon sessions were both introductory and informative. Students visited a variety of local landmarks, cultural sites, tech companies, start-ups and incubators, as well as local non-government organizations across the city. The visits were not only an interactive demonstration of Shenzhen’s innovative nature, but serve as a living testament to the city’s transformation.

Although all the students were from science-related majors, it was evident they were equally passionate and fascinated by Chinese history and culture.

During the visit to Artron Art Center, Students from MIT and SUSTech explored the exhibition hall and fell into the beauty of calligraphy, paintings, sculptures, and porcelain.


Artron Center - enjoying the beauty of ancient and modern Chinese art

Grameen China is a charity providing women with micro and guarantee-free loans to set up their own business. The charity helps women who normally cannot get loans because of their credit history. By breaking down barriers the charity helps to open doors for these women.

MIT students met with charity staff in an office located in an urban village. Students were impressed by the 99% loan payment ratio and also heard stories from some of the beneficiaries of the loans.

Grameen China - a poverty reduction trip


“May you have a lovely son soon! (zaoshengguizi in Chinese)” The auspicious wedding wish can be represented by red dates (hongzao), peanut (huasheng), longan (guiyuan), and lotus seeds (lianzi) in China since they together share the pronunciation of the wish. At U·Nature Life (酉心生), a sex education organization in Shenzhen, students had a taste of these dried fruits and the play of words represented by these fruits.

More interestingly, students dived into the wedding customs across various ethnic groups in China and the changes toward sexual attitudes. Students tied the discussions with current issues, like the differences between sex education in China and America; the traditional marriage mindset and its legacy in rural China; the absence of sex education in China.


U·Nature Life (酉心生) - sex education in China


Chinese Buddhism was a special part of this program. MIT students visited the famous Hongfa Temple where they exchanged ideas with Abbot Yinshun and Buddhism School students. They practiced Buddhist meditation and tried Buddhist cuisine, both of which were eye-opening for them. “There are different cultures, languages, and beliefs on earth but we have a shared value: love and benevolence”. said Abbot Yinshun.


Hongfa Temple - a Buddhist tour


The Huaqiangbei area is a microcosm of Shenzhen’s historic economic jumpstart. Mary Ann O’Donnell, an American anthropologist and the co-editor of the multidisciplinary research book Learning from Shenzhen (2017, University of Chicago Press) who has lived in Shenzhen for 25 years, guided students on a walking tour passing a community compound, through the highstreets and into an electronic goods market, all the while narrating the history of the continuing transformation of the once rural villages from several decades past. Through her guided tour, Dr. O’Donnell unveiled Shenzhen’s journey from “world factory” to “global Silicon Valley”.


Huaqiangbei - a Shenzhen story told by Mary Ann O’Donnell


Huaqiangbei - saw the history of Shenzhen’s tech industry


Student experience

Below we follow what some of the students have been up to as well as their experience. From attempting to solve novel problems using science through to expressing their own ideas on traditional art forms.

Marco Rivera was fascinated by the Chinese calligraphy hanging over the wall in Phoenix, a local tea house. He had gained a basic understanding of calligraphy in MIT and chose to carry on his study of calligraphy through a mini-project during his stay in China. During the final presentation, Marco was excited to share his understanding of the traditional literary game known as “floating cup on a winding brook”.

Chinese calligraphy displays at tea house Phoenix


Thiago Bergamaschi discovered that it was hard for AI to win games of Mahjong due to logical complexity, imbalanced information and randomness. He started to find out ways to tackle these difficulties and to empower AI through machine learning.


Learning from Chinese Kongfu athlete Sheng Yang


Nia Myrie was born and raised in Jamaica where dance and music are indispensable parts of life. She studied various dancing styles of Chinese ethnic groups, and was particularly fascinated by the Chinese Ballad. She had an idea to choreograph a new staged dance combining Chinese dance movements with Jamaican dance.


Trying out the Guzheng (the Chinese zither)


Bibek Pandit from Nepal was astonished by Shenzhen’s economic development and the general speed of development in China. Graduating this summer, Bibek spent time learning about the Chinese experience of rapid modernization with the goal of applying what he has learnt to the development of his own country.


Being greeted by Abbot Yinshun at Hongfa Temple


John Lin is American Chinese. In an afternoon, following his peers, he visited a residential community where a humble social enterprise is located--- Good People Good Things (好人好事), dedicated to help the vulnerable in the city. John tried his hands at the mutually benefiting programs and gained a vivid picture on how it works in the daily life of Shenzhen. As John said, this is the most impressive part of this tour because it presented a snapshot of tears and laughter of real life in contemporary China.


Visiting Good People Good Things (好人好事), a social enterprise


In the final days of their time in Shenzhen and at SUSTech, the MIT students expressed their thanks to the student volunteers who had devoted their time and passion to help them improve their language skills and understand China throughout the past two weeks at SUSTech and in Shenzhen. In return, the SUSTech students have found that they had learned a lot from the hard-working MIT students and were keen to travel to Boston to experience the education that MIT offers.

The year 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of SUSTech, and the university will welcome students from HEC Paris, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, and the University of Queensland for visits and exchanges.

Receiving Red Envelope - the Chinese New Year Gift


what they said

"The SUSTech students were absolutely amazing! They were also full of energy and enthusiastic to help us out with whatever we needed. On days where we had free time, students took it upon themselves to plan an itinerary full of fun activities. Additionally, I feel like I’ve made long term friends."

——MIT student's anonymous feedback from the program evaluation


"The past two weeks were an incredible experience and I am endlessly grateful I was given this opportunity to come to Shenzhen, learn some Chinese, and meet some unforgettable people."

——Minna Wyttenbach


"I understand why China is the way it is. China is a massive economy today, it became so only in a few decades. I can see how the details of what prompted that change. I think the amount of details we were provided for every place we went, especially Li Laoshi’s description made things so much meaningful. Those descriptions were the best."

——MIT student's anonymous feedback from the program evaluation


"The program gave us a very diverse range of experiences throughout Shenzhen from seeing humble urban villages to grandiose government buildings to major companies like DJI and Tencent and then back again to a humble (and noble) societal good company like 好人好事 (Good People Good Things)."

——John Lin


"I am so impressed with Shenzhen’s history and development, and I really love this city. In the future, I would like to come back to visit Shenzhen again and see the change."

——MIT student's anonymous feedback from the program evaluation


"The experience with SUSTech peers is my favorite part of the program! I learned so much from them. I was always so happy when they participated in the afternoon activities with us. They all went above and beyond taking us out into the city and sharing their culture and experiences with us. Please let them know how grateful I am for their support."

——MIT student's anonymous feedback from the program evaluation


- By SUSTech Global and SUSTech students -

SUSTech and HEC Paris signed cooperation agreements

SUSTech and HEC Paris signed cooperation agreements

Jun 14, 2019 Latest News

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) and HEC Paris have this week signed agreements for the creation of dual-degree programs and entrepreneurial innovation training programs.

The agreements, for the first time, represent the continuing interest of HEC Paris and their near 140-year history as a rigorous institution of higher education. The agreements also reflect the ongoing relationship between SUSTech and HEC Paris, which was originally cemented in June 2018 in the presence of French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe.

SUSTech President Chen Shiyi met with HEC Paris Dean Peter Todd. This is the first time President Chen Shiyi has visited HEC Paris, who led the SUSTech delegation including Vice Provost (Global Strategies) Zheng Chunmiao, Dean of the School of Business Huang Wei, Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Liu Ke and Associate Director of Global Engagement Office Li Xu.

HEC Paris Dean Peter Todd was joined by Dean of Faculty Jacques OlivierDean of Programs Eloic Peyrache, Deputy Director General Eric Ponsonnet, Associate Dean of Executive Education Nathalie Lugagne, Associate Dean of International Affairs Francois Collin, Executive Director for Global Business Development – Executive Education Inge Kerkloh-Devif, Director of International Programming & Academic Partnerships – Executive Education Matthew Gibb and Director of the HEC Paris China Office Xu Ying

The dual-degree program cooperation will allow SUSTech’s Master of Engineering degree and bachelor degree holders to enter the Masters Program at HEC Paris. The entrepreneurial innovation international program provides additional short-term overseas study opportunities for students of SUSTech’s School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Following the agreement, the SUSTech delegation was led to Station F, the biggest startup campus in the world and the entrepreneurial center of HEC Paris. It is regarded as the only start-up campus that collects an entire entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof, and is well supported by industry, university and government.

Background Information:

HEC Paris was founded in 1881 by the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It is the leading academic institution in Europe and the world, and is a long-established European company. HEC Paris has flagship programs in Masters in Management, Masters of Business Administration and Advanced Management Education. It also offers a Master of Science degree, Ph.D. education and advanced management training. HEC Business School is the founding body of the Global Business Education Alliance (CEMS), accredited by three international authorities (EQUIS, AMBA and AACSB).

HEC Paris has consistently ranked among the best business schools in France and top business schools in Europe. HEC Paris ranks first in Europe and third in the world, second only to Harvard and Stanford in the number of alumni serving as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. Its alumni also include leaders of government, international organizations, business and art. In 2017, HEC Business School alumni in Paris were named the second most influential business school alumni group in the world by The Economist.

SUSTech and King’s College London look to establish a joint medical school

SUSTech and King’s College London look to establish a joint medical school

Jun 11, 2019 Latest News

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) and King’s College of London have this week signed an agreement to work towards establishing a joint medical school in Shenzhen, China.

This agreement represents for the first time, an expression of interest in establishing a dual degree offering in medical education between the UK and China and would bring King’s 800-year history and world-renowned reputation in training doctors and medical professionals to the dynamic Greater Bay Area in China.

The new School of Medicine would be part of the SUSTech campus in Shenzhen, China and would help establish the city as the place to go to for high-quality medical education, healthcare and cutting-edge research.

SUSTech President Chen Shiyi and King’s President and Principal Professor Edward Byrne signed the agreemend, which was witneesed by SUSTech’s Vice President Lu Chun, Vice Provost (Global Strategies) Zheng Chunmiao, King’s Senior Vice President/Provost (Health) Professor Sir Robert LechlerVice President (Finance) Stephen LargeDeputy Vice President (Global Business Development) Tayyeb Shah and Faculty Executive Dean, Professor Richard Trembath.

President and Principal of King’s College London, Professor Edward Byrne said: “This agreement represents an exciting and unprecedented opportunity for both universities. Our academic depth combined with SUSTech’s innovative approach could pave the way for an extraordinary offering for students.”

SUSTech President Chen Shiyi added that the proposed joint medical school will be the first of its kind in China. He said: “Our goal of integrating science and engineering with medicine will see us producing top medical graduates for Shenzhen, China, the UK and the world.

“There is a long way to go and this agreement represents a good starting point. I hope this will also serve as a bridge between China and the UK to enable further collaboration and exchanges.”

Wentworth Institute of Technology visits SUSTech

Wentworth Institute of Technology visits SUSTech

Apr 07, 2019 Latest News

Last week, Vice President and Dean Eric Overstrom of Wentworth Institute of Technology came with a delegation to Southern University of Technology and Science (SUSTech). Vice President and Provost Tang Tao met with the delegation.

The delegation first examined the SUSTech 3D campus planning sand table, where they received a briefing about SUSTech’s plans for the future. They were also taken to the TaiYi supercomputing cluster, and later were taken to the headquarters of DJI Innovations (DJI).

Prof. Tang Tao introduced SUSTech and its development, before moving onto opportunities for cooperation with different colleges and departments with Dean Eric Overstrom. Both sides discussed the implementation of summer projects for their undergraduate students.

During the meeting, the two sides signed a faculty agreement for the summer exchange program. The agreement aims to promote interactive visits and exchange learning between students at both universities, while supporting cooperation in colleges and departments. It also seeks to explore different ways of cultivate students’ innovative and practical abilities.

The exchange will set a precedent for college-level exchange programs and provides more openings for students to improve their innovative thinking and practical abilities.

Wentworth Institute of Technology is a prestigious technical design and engineering university in Boston, Massachusetts. It has implemented elite undergraduate education, with a educational focus on innovation and entrepreneurship within a wider curriculum of practical science. They have trained many notable scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs for the engineering community, who are widely acclaimed in the industry.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem visits SUSTech

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem visits SUSTech

Mar 17, 2019 Latest News

On March 13, Oron Shagrir, Vice President for International Affairs of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI), visited Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). SUSTech Vice President Tang Tao and Vice Provost (Global Strategies) Zheng Chunmiao met with the delegation, along with Dean Xu Zhenghe of the College of Engineering.
Vice President Tang Tao welcomed Vice President Oron Shagrir to SUSTech. He hoped that SUSTech would be able to actively cooperate with HUJI through research and student exchange programs, as well as in other areas of mutual benefit.

Vice President Oron Shagrir said that HUJI was happy to cooperate with SUSTech in a wide range of areas. He was particularly interested in improving faculty exchanges. Vice President Oron Shagrir also welcomed SUSTech’s staff and students to Israel to conduct research and take part in student exchange programs.

During the meeting, both sides discussed various cooperative programs including scholarly visits, short-term and joint training programs.

 Source: Global Engagement Office

Translated and Adapted: Anting Pan

Proofread: Chris Edwards

2019 New Year Special Feature: International Education Development

2019 New Year Special Feature: International Education Development

Jan 31, 2019 Special Report

Chen Shiyi visiting SUSTech students in the UK

Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is aiming to quickly build an international high-level research university. From SUSTech’s establishment, the global outlook of SUSTech has been an important strategic direction. In 2018, SUSTech has continued to march toward its goal of international education. SUSTech students and faculty members have debuted in various international forums and academic conferences, and our school system was further deepened with the addition of more outstanding overseas teachers joining the team of SUSTech faculty members. International students from different countries came to SUSTech to study, and there has been continued development of international exchange platforms and overseas cooperation projects.

Deepen the global vision under our unique training system

Study abroad to develop multicultural experience

When you enter SUSTech, the international standard is fundamentally integrated into every cell of SUSTech. In its education, SUSTech pays attention to the integration of top universities from around the world, by using English textbooks and primarily teaching classes in English.

The Center for Language Education is a perfect example of modern education incorporated from top international universities. While teaching 4461 students this year, it has taught 237 classes with an average class size of 20 undergraduate students, with a unique variety of compulsory and elective courses. Electives such as the Science in Science Fiction have become popular among students, and seen students gain a better understanding of the English language for their writing and analysis.

SUSTech has also adapted the “three-semester” system seen at many top international universities. By offering an intensive summer semester, students can take classes, consider their entrepreneurial options, pick up an internship or travel overseas for further study. At SUSTech, we welcomed a number of students and faculty members to study and teach at SUSTech over our hot summer, while many students traveled overseas for academic and research exchanges.

2018 also saw SUSTech start exploring international entrepreneurial education. The Global Engagement Office worked with the College of Engineering, the Humanities Center and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship to create the first international entrepreneurship education program. This program partnered with the Seoul National University, with 20 South Korean students coming to SUSTech. There were a further group of students from the National University of Singapore who came to take part in industrial internships as part of the program.

SUSTech has seen more students head overseas than before, with nearly 400 students participating in nearly 60 overseas study projects worth nearly 10 million renminbi. These projects build cross-cultural thinking and establish an international vision full of new ideas and multicultural interactions.

Not only have more students left SUSTech to study, but more students have left their home countries to come to SUSTech. This academic year saw foreign students from Russia, Cambodia, Hungary, Kazakhstan and other countries choose SUSTech to start a new journey of life here. "We must cultivate outstanding talents from overseas that have the Chinese spirit and global vision order to expand our global outlook," said Zheng Chunmiao, Vice-Provost (Global Strategies).


More outstanding overseas teachers join

Joseph Sifakis reports for teachers and students

SUSTech saw more outstanding educators join its faculty in 2018, adding to its internationalization. Turing Award winner Joseph Sifakis is a perfect example of this, becoming a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

SUSTech is proud to saw that nearly 100% of its teaching staff have either worked or studied overseas. A significant number of the administrative team at SUSTech also have significant experience overseas, enhancing SUSTech’s cross-cultural understanding in areas such as communication, service and management. Such experience has become a unique feature and advantage for SUSTech.

Whether it is teaching, research or management, SUSTech can now be considered at a similar level to other world-renowned universities.

SUSTech Vice President Tang Tao believes that one of the most important reasons that these outstanding talents from overseas choose to come to SUSTech is that SUSTech has created an international “soft environment” or an environment comfortable for foreign faculty members. The majority of content across SUSTech is bilingual and with an increasing global influence on its cultural atmosphere, faculty members and students can feel comfortable on campus, thereby meeting international standards.

SUSTech faculty members are also showing their world-class standards in 2018, while attracting new faculty members from outside SUSTech to join the university. President Chen Shiyi became an academician for the second time, this time of the Academy of Developing Countries. Professor Bai Yong became the first Chinese person to become an academician of the Norwegian Academy of Technical Sciences while Professor Wang Haijiang was elected to the Canadian Academy of Engineering and Professor Lu Zhouguang became a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

There were also high-level awards winners in 2018, with Professor Tang Wei winning the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society Outstanding Youth Award and Professor Song Xuejun winning the International Pain Medicine Outstanding Contribution Award. Assistant Professor Park Congyi won the World Meteorological Organization Young Scientist Research Award.

These academicians and award winners represent just a small sliver of SUSTech’s success in 2018, and there will be more to come in 2019.


Academic cooperation projects have made important progress

Signing Ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement between SUSTech and MIT

On June 15, 2018, the agreement for the "Centers for Mechanical Engineering Research and Education at MIT and SUSTech" were signed. This important agreement was reached after several rounds of consultations between SUSTech and MIT since the end of 2016. He Zilong, Liu Xinyue, Ren Taiheng and Zhong Ke joined four other students as the first batch of undergraduates to witness the cooperation, as they are now studying at MIT.

Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with King's College London

In 2018, Southern University of Science and Technology also reached an agreement with King's College London, Paris HEC Business School, and Milan Polytechnic Institute to carry out high-level cooperation. These are all of strategic significance for SUSTech to improve its educational level, promote the development of different academic disciplines, deepen its international development, and enhance its global reputation.

The internationalization of SUSTech’s academic cooperation has been critical in promoting the improvement of scientific research at SUSTech. SUSTech has signed nearly 100 international cooperation projects with some of the world's top universities. For example, SUSTech is co-cultivating doctoral degrees with the University of Birmingham. It is also co-constructing joint research centers, such as working with the University of Michigan to build an advanced manufacturing international collaborative laboratory, and the University of East Anglia to build a "water research center.”

Many research teams in individual departments at SUSTech, especially the “Peacock Project” team in Shenzhen, have successfully collaborated with universities around the world. In recent years, about 50% of the SCI papers published by SUSTech are the result of international cooperation. Internationalization is a huge advantage for research and development at SUSTech.

The Global Engagement Office launched the SUSTech Internationalization Vision White Paper. Based on the research on the international development strategies of many universities in the world, it combed the challenges and opportunities of talent cultivation in the world's universities, and the characteristics and advantages of our international development. The next step of international development and the long-term development of the school will examine the direction, goals, strategies and action plans for reference in order to lay a solid foundation for the high-level discussion on international development inside and outside SUSTech.


The international influence of the University continues to increase

2018 International Advisory Council meeting held

From November 18th to 20th, 2018, the second meeting of the International Advisory Council (IAC) took place. 14 of the 16 members of the IAC attended, including the world famous universities Oxford University, University of Michigan, and the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. Through this visit, they deepened their understanding and strengthened their support and cooperation for SUSTech. Shenzhen mayor Chen Rugui met with all the attending committee members and listened carefully to their insights. He said that the international appeal of the South University of Science and Technology is impressive.

SUSTech continues to work hard to integrate into the world. It is not only an active participant in international education and academic activities, but also works hard to improve its international visibility and voice. It also organizes many influential international events. Besides the two events mentioned above, there were also a series of international activities such as the "Peak Forum on Liberal Arts Construction of World-class University of Science and Technology".


THE World University Rankings ranks SUSTech 8th in mainland China

SUSTech also has a prominent performance in the ranking of international universities, and ranking the international first-class universities, examining the gap, summing up experience, and constantly moving forward. In its first time in the "Times Higher Education World University Rankings", it was ranked 8th among mainland Chinese universities. Among mainland China universities, SUSTech was also ranked 38th in the QS World University Rankings and 43rd in the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). In the ARWU rankings, SUSTech was 3rd in Guangdong Province and 1st in Shenzhen. SUSTech was ranked 16th in the ranking of Chinese University in 2018, and No. 1 in Guangdong Province. It is the only non Double First-Class University in the rankings.

2018 International Development Global Promotion

In 2018, SUSTech opened its minds and expanded its horizons to establish contacts with famous universities around the world. SUSTech developed relationships with Hebrew University (Israel), Monash University (Australia), University of Tokyo (Japan), Nairobi University (Kenya), Waikato University (New Zealand), and University of Alberta (Canada), among other universities. SUSTech’s international exchange and learning activities have developed substantially, with 9 staff travelling to 25 universities to study, research and lead students in their study-abroad programs. With in-depth knowledge of university management and operations, it ensures that SUSTech can fill in the gaps in its knowledge through internalization and effective deployment of staff across a variety of departments. This expansion of global energy across campus improves all levels of SUSTech, thereby resulting in a better campus for all.

SUSTech has signed more international agreements, increasing to 88 up from 23 three years ago, reflecting the international popularity and importance of SUSTech. With visits from HRH Prince Andrew the Duke of York, Prime Minister of France Édouard Philippe and four Nobel Laureates, SUSTech is becoming a magnet for high-level influencers.


Looking back at 2018, SUSTech’s international education has developed well. This is particularly shown with students published in top academic journals such as Physical Review Letters (PRL), Applied Physics Letter, Angewandte Chemie Edition, Science, Electronics and Nature. Students have also taken home many awards at international and domestic competitions, such as the ACM/ICPC, World University Supercomputing Competition, and the China International Aircraft Design Challenge. SUSTech was also ranked first among mainland China universities for giving students the opportunity to study abroad.

These achievements reflect the rapid development of SUSTech’s internationalization. It is the best feedback for SUSTech’s youth and vigor. It is a firm reminder of the strength and commitment of SUSTech’s leadership team, as well as the vitality and charm of Shenzhen, an international and youthful metropolis.

This article is based on the contribution of the Global Engagement Office and the fifth interview with SUSTech Vice President Tang Tao.

Graphic Editor: Liu Hui

Translated and Adapted: Chris Edwards

Proofread: Xia Yingying

Main picture design: Qiu Yan

SUSTech hosts 2018 International Advisory Council meeting

SUSTech hosts 2018 International Advisory Council meeting

Nov 19, 2018 Latest News

November 19th was the first day of the 2018 International Advisory Council (IAC) meeting of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). 16 leading international academics of the world’s top universities have joined together to form a think tank for SUSTech’s future development.

Great importance has been attached to the event by the Guangdong Provincial Government and the Shenzhen Municipal Government. Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Lixin Wang and Associate Counsel of Guangdong Provincial Department of Education Zicheng Wang attended the opening ceremony. Later that evening, Vice Mayor of Shenzhen Xuefeng Ai met with members of the International Advisory Council (IAC).

The IAC members present at the meeting included Henry T. Yang, Chancellor of the University of California at Santa Barbara, Xinhe Bao, President of the University of Science and Technology of China, Jianhua Lin, Former President of Peking University, Edward Byrne, President &Principal of King’s College London, Tony F. Chan, President of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Lino Guzzella, President of ETH Zurich, Peter Høj, President of the University of Queensland, David Leebron, President of Rice University, David Richardson, President of the University of East Anglia, Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Mark Schlissel, President of University of Michigan, Choon Fong Shih, University Professor of National University of Singapore , Shin Sung Chul, President of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and Samuel Stanley, President of Stony Brook University New York.

Wei Shyy, President of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Tan Eng Chye, President of the National University of Singapore are also the members of the IAC.

They have all made great achievements in the international academic and educational circles, have rich experience in running world-class universities, and have high prestige and influence in the global higher education sector. Henry T. Yang serves as Chair of International Advisory Council.

When meeting members of the International Advisory Council (IAC) of SUSTech, Lixin Wang introduced Shenzhen’s rapid development and the emphasis the city has placed on higher education. He hoped that all members would provide guidance for SUSTech’s development and internationalization, through their rich experience in running universities and strategic vision.

The Guangdong Provincial Government attaches importance to building more high-level universities in the region. It also supports the further development of SUSTech, said Zicheng Wang. He believed that the leading international academics present today would help SUSTech with a global vision, which will power Guangdong's higher education in future.

During the meeting, SUSTech’s President Shiyi Chen reported on the “State of the University.” The report mainly covers four aspects. It responded to the 2017 report, covered the progress made this year, and showed the new initiatives and new opportunities available. He also spoke about the challenges faced by SUSTech. He reviewed SUSTech’s progress in areas like student enrollment, faculty, academic structure, and research. Shiyi Chen also highlighted the achievements of 2017, including obtaining the qualification to confer doctoral and master’s degrees in the shortest time, campus construction and the preparation of the School of Medicine.

He also introduced the new initiatives of building three academic institutes, including the Creative Design School, the SUSTech-HKUST Joint School of Microelectronics, and School of System Design and Intelligent Manufacturing. He pointed out that there are still some shortcomings when it comes to competing for talent pipeline and resources, but SUSTech is confident when it comes to seizing new opportunities.

Subsequently, Vice President Tao Tang talked about “New Initiatives: Undergraduate Education” and “New Progress: Graduate Education.” Vice President Jinguang Teng made a report on the “Development of Major Research Facilities at SUSTech.” Vice Provost for Global Strategies Chunmiao Zheng talked about SUSTech’s global strategic vision.

In compliance to Article Twenty-nine, Chapter Three of The Shenzhen Government Ordinance for the Southern University of Science and Technology (2011) , International Advisory Council of SUSTech was founded in 2017. On October 16, 2017 the SUSTech International Advisory Council (IAC) held the first Council meeting and approved the “SUSTech International Advisory Council Chapter.”

Later that day, the IAC members visited SUSTech Cryo-Electron Microscopy Research Center. Following that, they went to the students commons to learn about the lives of SUSTech students, where they had in-depth exchanges with the students.

Text:Xia Yingying, Chris Edwards

Photo: Su Jiahui, Wang Kaiqiang

His Royal Highness the Duke of York, KG visits SUSTech

His Royal Highness the Duke of York, KG visits SUSTech

Nov 1, 2018 Latest News

On November 1, 2018, The Duke of York visited Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). HRH visited the 3D campus construction sand table, the Technology Transfer Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exhibition, and the Cryo-Electron Microscopy Center. He also met students flying the “Heron” UAVs, who are preparing to display the drones at the 12th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition in Zhuhai later this month.

The Duke met and held talks with SUSTech President Chen Shiyi and Vice President Lu Chun.

President Chen Shiyi warmly welcomed HRH on his visit to SUSTech. He briefed The Duke on the development of " Striving for a world-class university, rooted in China" and expounded on the aspects of the development strategy, talent pipeline, international cooperation, Industry-University cooperation and construction of the School of Medicine.

HRH expressed his appreciation for the cooperation and exchanges between the University and British universities and heard of the planned cooperation between SUSTech and King's College of London in medical education and scientific research.

This collaboration between the two universities will use the local advantages of Shenzhen to cultivate future medical industry leaders through innovative medical education courses and teaching methods and become a model for Sino-UK higher education cooperation.

As a new university, SUSTech will make outstanding contributions to the development of Shenzhen's high-tech industry, as well as to regional prosperity and global technology development.

British Ambassador to China Dame Barbara Woodward, Director Lu Jintao of the European Department of the Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs, Deputy Director Sun Huaizhong of the Shenzhen Foreign Affairs Office and Consul General Karen Maddocks of the British Consulate General in Guangzhou, accompanied The Duke on his visit.


The Duke of York is currently on an official visit to China from 31st October to 6th November 2018 at the request of Her Majesty’s Government. During this visit, The Duke will attend the inaugural China International Import Expo (CIIE) on November 5th, 2018.

HRH will lead the UK delegation attending CIIE, accompanied by International Trade Secretary Dr. Liam Fox MP and Minister for Trade and Export Promotion Baroness Fairhead. The UK has been named as a "Country of Honour" at China's biggest international trade show.

Immediately before attending CIIE, HRH is undertaking a series of official engagements at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in Shenzhen and Ningbo.

Source: Office of Global Engagement

Translated and Adapted: Chris Edwards, Xia Yingying

SUSTech Signs MoU with Milan Polytechnic University

SUSTech Signs MoU with Milan Polytechnic University

Sep 29, 2018 Latest News

On September 28, 2018, Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) and Milan Polytechnic University (Politecnico di Milano) signed a memorandum of understanding in Milan, Italy. The two universities intend to cooperate closely in the fields of design, architecture and urban research, industry, information engineering and economic management. SUSTech Vice President Teng Jinguang and Executive Vice President of Politecnico di Milano Giuliano Noci signed the memorandum on behalf of both parties.

Before the signing ceremony, Vice Rector of Politecnico di Milano’s Chinese Campus Guiliano Noci joined other delegates from Politecnico di Milano as they met with Vice President Teng Jinguang and his party for an in-depth exchange. Noci said that Politecnico di Milano attaches great importance to cooperation with China and has entered the "third stage" of in-depth cooperation with China. Shenzhen is an essential city for innovation and entrepreneurship in China. SUSTech is a new star of China's innovative higher education. Cooperation with Shenzhen and SUSTech is an important strategic deployment for Politecnico di Milano. Vice President Teng Jinguang said that Politecnico di Milano is one of the world's top science and engineering universities, especially in the field of design, and enjoys a high international reputation. As the first Chinese city to receive the title of “Design Capital” of UNESCO, Shenzhen is accelerating the development of fashion and creative industries. Shenzhen relies on SUSTech to organize the Shenzhen Institute of Creative and Creative Design, which provides huge opportunities for cooperation between SUSTech and Politecnico di Milano

In addition to the field of innovative, creative design, both sides also conducted detailed discussions on cooperation and joint training of undergraduate and graduate students.

Dean of the School of Design Luisa Collina, Associate Dean Francesco Zurlo, Director of the Department of Design Silvia Piardi all attended the signing ceremony for Politecnico di Milano. Director of the Office of Global Engagement Zheng Chunmiao and Professor of the Humanities Center Tang Keyang represented SUSTech, along with Vice President Teng Jinguang.


Feed: Office of Global Engagement