Georgia Institute of Technology Summer Course Program

Georgia Institute of Technology Summer Course Program

Jan 8, 2016 North America

Georgia Institute of Technology Summer Course Program

Georgia Institute of Technology (Gatech), established in 1885, is a top-tier engineering school of United States. Current numbers of students are about 20,000, with a faculty-student ratio about 1:17 that means more than one thousand professors are currently teaching in Gatech. The campus covers more than 400 acres, with 143 graceful buildings standing in.There are well-equipped modern teaching buildings and sports stadiums specially built for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. There are also hotels, student dormitories, research laboratories, restaurants, student recreation centers, car parks and hospitals. In addition to the main campus in Atlanta, the school in Savannah, Georgia and the French capital of Lorraine region Metz and Shenzhen, China also opened a branch.

Student Application Notifications


July 5- July 28 2018

Deadline for admission

Mar 9 2018

Teaching location

Atlanta U.S

Teaching institution

Georgia Institute of Technology

Applicable majors


Applicable  students

Freshman or above



Tuition and fees

4060USD,including tuition, application fee(non-refundable) food, housing, personal expenses, etc.


Advanced level of English proficiency.

18 years old or above when the program starts

18 hours or above courses per week

F-1 visa needed

Application materials

1.Submit materials in paper to global cooperative department including

1)course register form

2)certification of capital(4060USD or above, if the account is other’s ,a sponsor letter or certification must be submitted).

3)Copy of the information page of passport .(The passport must be

Valid for at least 6 months after the entry.)

2.Pay 3040USD prior to Mar 14(including tuition housing, etc.)


Recommend by SUSTech, determined by Gatech

 Refund policy

Cancel prior to Mar 14, no penalty.

Cancellation due to visa refusal, 100USD I-20 fee must be paid.

Cancel during Mar 15 to Jun 17, 1000USD administrative fee must be paid.

Cancel after Jun 18, 1500 administrative fee must be paid.

For more details, you are encouraged to check the website below.

King’s College London Online Undergraduate Summer School 2020

King’s College London Online Summer School 2020

2020-05-18 Europe

Summer online courses at King’s presents students with the opportunity to access a summer school at the forefront of international education from anywhere in the world. King’s is a globally renowned university that offers a range of subjects across the summer portfolio, while promoting the innovative and research-led teaching that King's is known for.

King’s faculty and staff ensure a high quality of teaching across all of their programmes. Each module uses on-demand and live teaching to allow flexible and differentiated learning. The live lectures and seminars facilitate group discussion, debate and input between faculty and students.

There are two Online Undergraduate Summer School sessions in 2020. Students can study a maximum of two modules. Each undergraduate module requires a commitment of 150 hours study time over three weeks. KCL Online Undergraduate Summer School teaches a wide range of modules spanning subject areas such as health and science, law, governance, business management, culture and ancient languages.

Find out what you could study this summer at:

Undergraduate Summer School at a glance:


Program Information

Program Time Session One: 29 June - 17 July 2020

Session Two: 20 July - 7 August 2020

Application Deadline Session One: 15 June 2020

Session Two: 4 July 2020

Teaching Platform Microsoft Teams


King’s E-learning and Teaching Service (KEATS)

Teaching Unit King’s College London
Eligible Major Open to all
Eligible Class Open to all
Entry Requirements 1) GPA of 3.2 out of 4 or 80% or above.

2) English language requirements:

· CET-4 (China) – 550; CET-6 (China) – 493

· IELTS - 6.5 (or equivalent) with a minimum of 6.0 in each skill

· TOEFL Internet Based Test - 95 with minimum 20 in all skills (within the last 2 years)


For more details, please refer to:

Program Fees SUSTech is KCL’s partner universities, therefore our students benefit from an application fee waiver and a tuition fee reduction*

(Partners & Alumni) ONLINE for 1 session: £1620

(Partners & Alumni) ONLINE for 2 sessions: £3240

Application Materials To SUSTech Global:

SUSTech Application Form for Online Study Abroad Summer Programs (Click to download)


To KCL (documents required during KCL online application):

1) Official academic transcript

2) Evidence of English language proficiency

3) Personal statement

Application Procedures 1. Send the SUSTech Application Form for Online Study Abroad Summer Programs to department for review and approval. If there is difficulty in signing the Form due to the pandemic situation, students can forward the approval email from department to SUSTech Global.


2. Send the SUSTech Application Form and other required application materials to SUSTech Global at, Email subject: KCL Online Summer School 2020 + student name, number and major.


3. Register and complete online application at:

Please do refer to the partner application guidelines when you apply online (click to download).



· You should receive a decision in seven working days as long as you have provided KCL with all the relevant documents.

· To confirm your place on the summer school you will need to log into King's Apply and pay your fees within 14 days of receiving your offer.

Review Unit King's College London
Contact KCL If you have a question concerning an application that you have submitted please email the admissions team through your ‘King’s Apply’ account.

If your question is about other aspects of the Summer School, please email or telephone +44 (0) 20 7848 1533.

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University of Queensland School of Engneering 3+1+1 program

University of Queensland School of Engneering 3+1+1 program

2018-03-04 Oceania

University of Queensland School of Engneering

3+1+1 program

University of Queensland is one of the oldest and most prestigious university in Austrilia and has ranked No.4 in the country. University of Queensland's outstanding teaching and research is world-renowned, attracting first-class researchers all around the world. Queensland is located in Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia. It is blessed with many natural landscapes, including the Great Barrier Reef, Holy Ghost Islands, Fraser Island and Daintree Rainforest.


The University of Queensland School of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT) can provide high quality instruction in this field so that students can meet the high demands of the future industry. EAIT has an international team of dedicated, multi-cultural community-oriented development, for all students to provide a friendly environment. The University of Queensland's engineering offers excellent learning and social facilities, including a freshman engineering learning center and a variety of learning facilities. The campus has a beautiful environment and is second to none in Australian universities. Students learn from leading engineers, industry experts and teachers, and their research is transforming the world and the industry.


Participants in the project will study in SUSTech for three years and will spend the fourth year studying at the University of Queensland, those who finished the program will receive a bachelor's degree from Southern University of Science and Technology. After graduation, students can study at the University of Queensland for a one-year master's degree and obtain a master's degree from the University of Queensland.

Application Notice

1.Study period Two school year:a year as undergraduate;one year as master
2.Application Deadline Fall semester: March 31st
3.Location Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
4.Instruction Institution University of Queensland School of Engineering
5.Oriented major Chemistry Engineering, Civil engineering, electrical engineering, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering and other related professional
6.Oriented year Junior
7 Instruction language English
8.Tuition and other fees Tuition: About 23400AUD

Board and lodging expenses:About 20000AUD

9.Application requirement GPA:3(985/211)3.2(Non 985/211)or higher

Language score: IELTS score of 6.5 points or more, the individual score of not less than 6 points; or TOEFL 87 points or more, the individual is not less than 19, 19, 19, writing 21. (Language requirements must be met before enrollment)

10.Application material requirement First, please submit an electronic application form to before March 1, 2017, and send it to Grace Li (, the University of Queensland contact person.

Second, after submitting the application, students will get the network application link, in the March 31 prior to login the link to complete the online application. The following documents will be submitted:

1. Incoming Study Abroad application form

2. Postgraduate Coursework Program application form

3. English official transcripts (including the results of five semesters)

4. Electronic language achievement

5. A letter from the Ministry of International Cooperation confirms that the student will be able to obtain a bachelor's degree certificate after successfully completing one year of study abroad.

10.Authrorized organization Admittion decided by University of Queensland
To learn more information about this program please go to

Chinese program flyer

Program brochure


The University of Sydney Semester Program

The University of Sydney Semester Program

Nov 10, 2016 Oceania

The University of Sydney

Semester Program

The University of Sydney, located in the financial capital of Australia Sydney, is one of the most prestigious university in the world and praised as ‘the Oxford of the Southern Hemisphere’. According to the QS competitive ranking of world university graduates of 2016, Sydney U was ranked at 14th; For USNEWS ranking, the number is 45th. Sydney U has cultivated numerous great leaders and excellent talents including half of the incumbent chief justices; the only Australian UN Secretary General; chief executive of the World Bank; RBA (Reserve Bank of Australia) governor; the chief executive of the largest investment bank Macquarie Group. Moreover, 8 prime ministers in total have been educated by Sydney U including Sir Edmund Barton, the first one, and Malcolm Turnbull, the current one. Besides, one third of the Nobel Prize winners of Australia are alumnus of Sydney U. Once again, Sydney U was the most popular University in the university entrance exam of 2015 and this record has been maintained for more than a decade.

Currently, the cooperative programs between SUSTech and Sydney U are limited in engineering and information technology. The engineering college of Sydney U is among the best and with highest entrance grades engineering colleges of Australia. It is also a school with great international influence. For the last one and a half century, scads of revolutionary inventions were created by the great people of Sydney U such as WiFi, cardiac pacemaker, black box. The engineering college of Sydney U will offer our students with abundant courses to choose, for the details you are encouraged to check at the following website.

Notifications for application


Autumn semester: July 31- Nov 25  2018

Spring semester: Mar 6 – Jun 24 2018

Spring semester||: Jan 4- Jun 11 2018


Autumn semester: Apr 28th

Spring semester: Nov 31 2017

Spring semester||: Oct 31 2017

3.Teaching Location

Australia Sydney

4.Teaching Institution

The University of Sydney

5. Applicable Majors

Engineering, Information technology

6. Applicable Students

Sophomore or above



8.Tuition and Fees

Tuition:12000 Australian Dollar



9.Requirements for Application

GPA 2.5 or above

The minimum requirement for IELTS is 6.5 with each subsection above 6.0 and for TOEFL ibt  it is 85 with 19 or above for writing and 17 above for listening、reading and speaking.

At least one year of study have been completed in SUSTech.

10. Application materials

Submit application to the global cooperative department prior to the deadline.

Sent your email to title with ‘name +student number + major +apply for the semester program of Sydney U’.

The global exchange form should be included in the email.

After the check and consent of the department, student’s information will be transferred to Sydney U. Sydney U will appoint a contactor to contact the student and instruct him to submit and finish his application.

Tip: For those who wish to apply for this program, please submit your application early so you will have more time to communicate with teachers of Sydney U and prepare essential materials.

10.Audit Institutions

Recommended by SUSTech, determined by Sydney U.

For more information, please refer to

Sydney University Study Abroad Guide

Study Abroad Guide lite 2017

Tools to Make Your Life Easier

MATES abroad & Events

University of Edinburgh Overseas learning and exchange program

University of Edinburgh Overseas learning and exchange program

Sep 29, 2015 Europe

University of Edinburgh

Overseas learning and exchange program

Built in 1583, University of Edinburgh locates in Edinburgh, Capital of Scotland, is one of the six oldest universities in Britain. In 2014, University of Edinburgh ranked in the 17th in the world and the 7th in Europe in the list of QS world's universities. The university also is one of the largest universities in Britain, having more than 30000 students. University of Edinburgh enjoys great popularity in attracting students from all over the world through the ages and now, there are more than 8000 international students from 137 countries and regions in the world studying here.

The College of Biological Sciences belongs to the Natural science and engineering department of University of Edinburgh, one of the largest science and engineering departments in Britain with more than 8000 students, 900 teaching staffs and 500 administrative staffs. The campus of this department locates in the outside of the city center. College of Biological Science of University of Edinburgh ranked in the 22nd in the world and the 6th in Europe in the QS world's universities of 2014.



1. Study time At the beginning of the Fall semester of 2015
2. Admission deadline July 13, 2015
3. Teaching location Edinburgh, Scotland, Britain
4. Teaching unit University of Edinburgh
5. Applicable major All majors
6. Applicable grade Freshman and sophomore
7. Teaching language English

8. Tuition and fees and living expenses

Tuition (adjustment will be made every year ):
7,275 pound per semester ( standard of College of Biological Science  in 2014-2015)

Reference of accommodation fee: (catered accommodation: 115-236 pound/week, Estimated 16 weeks; dormitory with kitchen---Self catered: 56-114 pound/week,Estimated 16 weeks)

Reference of living expenses:

9. Submission of admission application materials

Please apply according to “Semester 1, Science & Engineering” or “Semester 1, Humanities and Social Sciences”
Link of application for

10. Examination and approval Determined by the evaluation of University of Edinburgh

For more information, please visit:

St Anthony’s College, Oxford University Online Summer Courses 2020

St Anthony's College, Oxford University Online Summer Courses 2020

April, 2020 UK

Oxford University is a world-renowned federal university with public research colleges, consisting of 38 colleges. It is the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the second oldest higher education institution in the world.

Summer program is held every year at St Anthony’s College, Oxford University (one of Oxford’s 38 colleges, Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the program was specially shifted to online summer courses. The program will use Zoom conference software for online teaching. Teachers and students can interact during the courses and the courses will be recorded for replay. The online courses will be given by professors and lecturers in Oxford University, while staff of the local government will also be invited to make relevant government report. Students who currently studying in Oxford University for masters and doctoral degree will also be invited to share their application experience to universities in UK.

The total duration of the course is 40 hours, including 20 hours of interdisciplinary lectures (choice one from humanities & social sciences and technological innovation) and 20 hours of main courses (one of five).

Courses (Part A + Part B):

Part A: General Themed Lectures(Two Options/20 hours per course

Option 1: Humanities and Social Sciences

Option 2: Science & Innovation

Part B: Specific Subject Courses (5 Options/20 hours per course)

1)Culture, Art and Society

2)General Cutting-edge Science and Innovation Course

3)Internet Analysis and Data Mining

4)Business and Management

5)Future Cities and Public Policy


  • You may get informed to change to another specific subject course if the number of applicants for that course is less than 20.
  • Class sizes are kept small less than 35 to maximize interaction between students and tutors.


Program Information

Program time 1)     Orientation Week: 28-30 July 2020

2)     Teaching Weeks: 3 -14 August 2020

3)     Feedback Week: 17-21 August 2020

Application deadline 30 June 2020
Teaching platform Zoom
Teaching unit St Anthony's College, Oxford University
Major Any
Grade Any
Language English
Program fee ₤1, 250 Pounds

1. Students apply before June 26th, 2020 will enjoy a £50 discount off the tuition fee.

2. Scholarships: A limited level of scholarships (normally for university students) are available for those applicants who have competitive performance during the program and in the home institution.

(Please refer to FAQs in attachment)

Requirements 1. GPA 2.8 or 70 (on a 100 scale)

2. Proof of English proficiency is not required since English is one of the main language of instruction for courses in SUSTech. If applicant has IELTS/TOFEL test certificate, please provide.

Application materials 1.      SUSTech Application Form for Online Study Abroad Summer Programs

2.      2020 Online Course-OISAP Application Form

3.      Official transcript

Application procedure 1.      Send the SUSTech Application Form for Online Study Abroad Summer Programs to department for review and approval.

If there is difficulty in signing the Form due to the pandemic situation, students can forward the approval email from department to SUSTech Global.

2.      Send the SUSTech Application Form and other required application materials to SUSTech Global at

Email subject: St Antony’s Online Course + student name, number and major.

Review unit St Anthony's College, Oxford University


1.      Brochure-OISAP Summer Online 2020

2.      FAQs

3.      2020 Online Course-OISAP Application Form

4.      SUSTech Application Form for Online Study Abroad Summer Programs 2020

More information and inquiries, please contact:

QQ Group:635881346


National University of Singapore School of Computing Summer Workshop

National University of Singapore School of Computing Summer Workshop

Jan 21, 2019 Asia

The National University of Singapore (NUS) is Singapore's premier world-class University known for its research in engineering, science and technology, biomedical sciences and the humanities and social sciences.
National university of Singapore ranking: no. 1 in Asia (2019QS); World no. 11 (2019QS)
The National University of Singapore School of Computing Summer Workshop is a 3-week program for students of all grades. Students can choose research topics according to their interests. Through this program, students can learn advanced computer knowledge and have many practical opportunities to transform their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Know more project information please visit:

Application Guide

Study time (1) July 4, 2019 -- July 26, 2019 (sophomore and above)
(2) July 14, 2019 -- August 5, 2019 (mainly for freshmen)
Deadline Until full , Until March 1, 2019 at the latest
 Teaching location National University of Singapore, Singapore
 Teaching units
  1. Artificial Intelligence and Multimedia Computing OR,
  2. Big Data and Cloud Computing OR,
  3. Internet of Things and Security
Applicable major Computer Science, Software Engineering, Electronic Communication, Information Systems and Management, Internet of Things, and related disciplines (you may enquire with NUS School of Computing)
 Applicable grade All grades
 Teaching language English
 Tuition and fees and living expenses SGD 3780 (Workshop fee, Accommodation, Public Transport, Insurance)

Excluding airfare and other living expenses.

Payment time: within one week after receiving the admission email

 Requirements 1. The average score is above 80 points
2. Cet 4: above 500 or equivalent in other examinations
 Application materials Apply through


  1. Academic Transcript (From Teaching Affairs Office - Chinese Version Acceptable)
  2. English Qualifications (CET4/6, TOEFL, IELTS)
  3. Scanned copy of identity card
  4. Awards/Certificates (if any)
  5. Passport (valid until at least February 2019)
  6. Send International Education Application Form to International Cooperation Department Email: ,

Title "National University of Singapore Course Application Materials – Name, Student Number, Major"

The HK Polytechnic University Student Exchange Programme (2021 Fall Semester and 2021/22 Full Academic Year)

The HK Polytechnic University Student Exchange Programme (2021 Fall Semester and 2021/22 Full Academic Year)

2021-02-26 Asia

The HK Polytechnic University(PolyU)was first established in 1937 as the Government Trade School and assumed full university status in 1994. The student population at PolyU is the largest among all publicly funded university in Hong Kong. English is the language of instruction (except language specific programmes) and courses.

For the subject list, host departments and related information, please refer to

Please read the PolyU Infosheet(click to view) for relevant details regarding Visa Application Procedure, Important Dates, Accommodation, Insurance and etc.

Applicants have to complete procedures required by SUSTech and PolyU respectively.

The delivery mode of the PolyU 2021/22 Fall Semester and Full Year is yet to be finalized. 

Programme Information

Exchange Period Fall Semester (Sep – Dec 2021) and

2021/22 Full Academic Year (Sep 2021 – May 2022)

Nomination Deadline

15 March 2021 (for School of Design)

26 March 2021 (for all other disciplines)

Application Deadline 15 April 2021
Host University The HK Polytechnic University
Grade 2 or above of Undergaduate
Language English
Program Fees 1.       Tuition. Exchange students will pay normal tuition fees to SUSTech and be enrolled at the host institution without having to pay tuition fees.

2.       Others. Please refer to

Requirements 1.  SUSTech full-time undergraduates

2.  Proficiency equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 80 internet based.

3.  At least 2.7/4.0 (Student is evaluated on case-by-case basis, respective Department has the right to reject application)

Application Procedures Step 1. Nomination:Fill in and send the Application Form for PolyU Exchange Programme (click to download) and prepare Required Portfolio for School of Design (click to view it if applicable) to:


Step 2. Application:

Applicants should launch and submit your online application through a token sent by the host institution for accessing the portal. Students are required to upload the following documents to the application portal:

# CV

# Official transcript with grading scale

# Passport copy

# Visa application form

# Financial proof

# Passport photo

# Letter of Intent (for students applying for School of Design only)

Approval Unit The HK Polytechnic University

Temple University “3+2” Program

Temple University “3+2” Program

Sep 29, 2015 North America

Temple University

“3+2” Program

Temple University locates in the famous historical city Philadelphia, is a public and comprehensive research university with 135-year history. Many majors in Art, Business and Law of Temple University rank in top 10 of the United States and online MBA education ranks in the first in the United States. The university has input about 2 billion dollars for the improvement of infrastructure since 2000. More than 60% of teachers in Temple University are recruited in recent 10 years. In 2014, after the drastic selection, Temple University was selected as one of the 10 new energy research center locations of the United States by United States Department of Energy..

According to “3+2” Dual Degree Cooperation Project Agreement, SUSTC students are entitled to apply for the DBMD program provided by SUSTC and Temple University. Those admitted will study undergraduate courses in SUSTC for 3 years and then senior undergraduate and graduate courses in Temple for another 2 years before gaining a SUSTC bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree of Temple.


1. Study time Fall opening in 2018
2. Deadline April 1, 2018
3. Teaching location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania State, United States
4. Teaching unit Temple University
5. Applicable Major All
6. Applicable Grade Junior
7. Teaching Language English
8. Tuition and fees and living expenses Tuition calculated based on the colleges

Room rates and dining costs

9. Submission of application materials

I Submit the Application Form to SUSTC International Cooperation Department (ICD), and a feedback will be given to the applicant after the application's confirmed by ICD with Temple University

Please send your application before SUSTC deadline to:

II Submit the materials below to Temple together with an online submission of the application form and fees

1. 2-3 recommendation letters from professors of the related major

2. GPA no less than 3.0 (Formal School Report)

3. TOEFL iBT total score above 79 or IELTS above 6.5

4. Applicants for Fox School of Business Graduate Program: TOEFL iBT above 100/IELTS above 7.0, TOEFL iBT above 85/IELTS above 7.0 for the major of Media; GMAT or GRE score also required for application.

5. Digital Goal Statement

10. Examination and approval agency Recommended by SUSTC and evaluated and determined by Temple
For more information, please see attached forms or contact Teacher Liu Xingcai from Beijing Office of Temple University  Contact: 010-83185878、82378802


Attachment 1:Temple University Global Programs Application Procedure

Attachment 2:I_20 Form

HK PolyU International Summer School 2021


HK PolyU International Summer School 2021

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) is a home for educating thinkers, communicators and discoverers in delivering positive impact. PolyU International Summer School 2021 offers students from around the world a wonderful summer exchange experience with credit bearing subjects and a variety of enrichment activities.

Courses on offer(click to view the subjects page and learn course selection rules)

Note: Due to the COVID-19, PolyU shall make final decision on Mode of Delivery (either face-to-face or Virtual) by early April 2021.


Program Information

1.Program Dates 15 July to 18 August 2021

Leadership Academy(5 June – 10 July)

2.Nomination Deadline 28 February 2021

Leadership Academy(10 February)

3.Application Deadline 15 March 2021
4.Teaching Unit The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
5.Major Any
6.Class 2018,2019,2020(Undergraduate)
7.Language English
8.Program Fee Waived for applicants nominated by SUSTech
9.Administration Fee HKD 550, non-refundable
10.Eligibility 1. SUSTech full-time undergraduate

2. Have completed the first year of university study by the time of commencement of the summer school and with good academic standing

3. Softcopy of coursework/thesis and certificate must submit to SUSTech Global after program completed

11.Application Materials 1. Proof of English proficiency TOEFLiBT:85/IELTS:6.5

2. Nomination form (click to download)

3. Official transcript

12.Application Procedure Step1: Nomination

Send all your application materials to

Step2: Application

An application link will be sent to each of the nominated students from Early February 2021. Students need to complete the online application by 15 March 2021.

13.Nomination Quota 2
14.Credit Transfer Each subject carries 3 PolyU credits. Please contact your department or SUSTech Teaching Affair Office in advance for credits transfer.
Important Link