Ziqin XU of Brandeis University: SUSTech Campus Is as Beautiful as a Wetland Park!

Ziqin XU of Brandeis University: SUSTech Campus Is as Beautiful as a Wetland Park!

2021-03-13 Non-degree

First of all, I would like to thank Brandeis University for allowing me to experience China's domestic university life in Shenzhen's Southern University of Science and Technology for the last semester before my graduation!

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, many international students went back to their home countries. And after lying in the United States for half a year and then returning home lying for another two months, I couldn't stand it anymore. By chance, I saw the cooperation program between my university (Brandeis University) and Shenzhen Southern University of Science and Technology, and I was impressed! After learning about the comments on SUSTech, I decided to take it a try to apply. It took a lot of twists and turns, but I finally came!

The accommodation fee for undergraduates is ¥600/month, 4 people per room, and the dormitory is divided into male and female floors. You need to scan your face to enter the dormitory building, do extra face-scanning when entering the girl's floor, and use the campus card to get into the room. The floor I live on is new, with common restrooms and showers, but they are cleaned twice a day by an aunt. Each floor also has a refrigerator and hot water machine. Common laundry room is on the first floor with washing machines and dryers, free to use ~

There are several student cafeterias on campus, and they taste good, but international students need to pay an extra administrative fee, so you can choose Starbucks/KFC/Miandianwang Restaurant on campus or order take-out ~

Transportation / Surroundings
The campus of SUSTech is very big, and school buses run every 10 minutes. There is a small shopping complex with cinemas/restaurants/supermarkets, etc. outside the main gate. Right next to the campus is the Shenzhen Metro Line 5.

Regulations during the epidemic
I received an email before I came that SUSTech exercised strict control over campus entry, and I was scared to death that I wouldn't be able to leave the campus. In fact, if you leave and return the campus the same day without leaving Shenzhen, you only need to send an email to report. if you want to stay off-campus a little longer, you need to apply in advance one working day by email. In addition, you need to fill out a daily health report.

Learning / Facilities
Many teachers at SUSTech have experience in studying abroad, and their English is very good, and many classes are bilingual. I liked many of the classes I attended, but because my school requires that our courses be the main focus, I chose to attend the classes for now.
SUSTech currently has three libraries, self-checkout is very convenient, the library room can also be self-booked for group study/discussion. Basketball/tennis courts are also available for reservation! If you love sports, go for it!

In conclusion: SUSTech is a very international university in China now! For me, I quickly adapted and liked the life here. The university is really not short of money, and the campus is as beautiful as a wetland park!


Text / Photo by Ziqin XU

Global Embracement Students Visit BGI – CNGB

Global Embracement Students Visit BGI - CNGB

2021-04-12 Non-degree

The pandemic of COVID-19 is still not over worldwide, but students of SUSTech's Global Embracement program do not stop exploring Shenzhen. After the last visit to Shenzhen Seeed Studio and Chaihuo makers, on the afternoon of April 9, teachers of SUSTech Global and students of Global Embracement went to Beijing Genomics Institute(BGI) - China National GeneBank located in Dapeng New District in Shenzhen to learn more about this frontier institution in life sciences.

Founded in 1999, BGI is the world's leading life science frontier institution and the most innovative and powerful genomics research institution in China, which has completed the "Chinese part" of the International Human Genome Project (1%, undertaking most of the work). The China National GeneBank(CNGB), which was approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and other three ministries and commissions for construction in Shenzhen in 2011, and is built and operated by BGI, is the first gene bank in China and is among the world's leading gene banks.

The BGI - CNGB is located in the "Hetangzai" site in Dapeng New District, Shenzhen, and it is built on a mountain with a beautiful environment. The students first watched the promotional video of BGI and listened to the teachers of BGI College introducing the origin of life, the development of BGI and the frontier applications of gene technology.

According to the teacher of BGI College, the CNGB has initially built a business structure of "three repositories and two platforms", with "repositories" being the biological sample repository, bioinformatics repository and living animal and plant resources repository; "two platforms" are the digitization platform and synthesis and editing platform.

Afterwards, the students visited the exhibition hall of the gene bank and learned about the high-throughput gene sequencing room, supercomputing room and other advanced genetic research equipment.

In the discussion session afterwards, many students from biology and life science related majors raised many professional questions, which were answered by the host teachers of BGI College.

In addition to the advanced genetic research equipment in the laboratory, the students were also impressed by the spacious and open office atmosphere, the natural working environment and the living plant and animal resources of the BGI - CNGB.

The "Global Embracement - Walking in Shenzhen" event has been conducted for three times, and we will continue to visit more institutions and enterprises with our Global Embracement students in the future to "enter Pengcheng and approach Shenzhen".


Text by Boqiang DU

Photo by Boqiang DU / Luo LEI

SUSTech Welcomes Students of Global Embracement Program Coming from across China

SUSTech Welcomes Students of Global Embracement Program Coming from across China

2021-01-13 Non-degree

New Year's Day has just passed and the new semester is already in full swing! Due to the continued impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, SUSTech launched the second phase of the Global Embracement program, accepting Chinese domestic students from partner institutions in North America such as University of Toronto, Rutgers University, Rice University, Stony Brook University, Temple University, University of Southern California, and Brandeis University to study at SUSTech. 122 international exchange students gathered at SUSTech on January 7 to begin their journey at SUSTech.

In order to let the students get to know SUSTech and its resources and facilities as soon as possible, and to have enough time to explore the campus and build friendships, SUSTech Global arranged a full and tight schedule in the "first class at SUSTech", inviting teachers from Teaching Affairs Office, Graduate School, Residential Colleges, University Library and a police officer to give the students a comprehensive introduction to study, life and safety.

To our valuable members: Study and life guide of SUSTech
Though the wind felt cold on the morning of January 8, the atmosphere in room 101, student dormitory 11 was warm. Ms. Jing Long, Associate Director of SUSTech Global, started her speech by warmly welcoming the international exchange students to SUSTech.

Ms. Long said that although the students came from different partner institutions and their visiting time in SUSTech may be long or short, they were valuable members of SUSTech. Long hoped that visiting students would make good use of the learning environment and resources provided by the university, and that their learning experience in SUSTech would be pleasant and inspiring.

Afterwards, Ms. Fang Wang and Ms. Wenni Lai from the SUSTech Global introduced the campus and students regulations of SUSTech, especially elaborated on the epidemic prevention measures. Ms. Zhihan Huang and Mr. Yuyang Zou from the Graduate School explained the course selection and accommodation rules for graduate students.

For undergraduates, Ms. Chunying Wang and Ms. Huili Fan from Teaching Affairs Office explained the regulations of course selection and examinations for undergraduates.

Finally, Mr. Zhenyu Liang, counselor of Shuli College, introduced various problems and precautions that students may encounter in the dormitory life on behalf of the college, and Ms. Lixinyu Yang, the resident counselor of Shulin College, also shared the guide of living in SUSTech.

Good assistant outisde class: Tips of SUSTech library
In addition to studying in class, the library is the most important place for students to study, find information and discuss outside class. Ms. Yixi Zhang from the library explained to students how to borrow paper books/journals/reference books, how to use electronic databases such as online journals, and how to reserve discussion rooms.

Guarding the campus guarding you: Safety education from on-campus police officer
In addition to university teachers, SUSTech Global also invited Officer Qiang Xu, an on-campus police officer of Tanglang Police Station with more than 10 years of experience, to give a speech about campus safety. Xu said the two top priorities were the prevention of COVID-19 and telecommunication fraud. During the special period, Officer Xu once again reminded students to wear masks when they go out, and to wash their hands frequently, open windows and keep social distance. Regarding the prevention of telecommunication fraud, Officer Xu used movie clips to explain in depth the possible methods of criminals and what students need to pay attention to.

The 122 international exchange students departed from their journey at SUSTech, and the university will welcome the second group of international exchange students in February this year. We wish the students a happy life at SUSTech, and make unforgettable memories during their short exchange time.


Text / Photo By Boqiang DU

Edited by Fang WANG / Guanying DENG

Georgia Institute of Technology Summer Course Program

Georgia Institute of Technology Summer Course Program

Jan 8, 2016 North America

Georgia Institute of Technology Summer Course Program

Georgia Institute of Technology (Gatech), established in 1885, is a top-tier engineering school of United States. Current numbers of students are about 20,000, with a faculty-student ratio about 1:17 that means more than one thousand professors are currently teaching in Gatech. The campus covers more than 400 acres, with 143 graceful buildings standing in.There are well-equipped modern teaching buildings and sports stadiums specially built for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. There are also hotels, student dormitories, research laboratories, restaurants, student recreation centers, car parks and hospitals. In addition to the main campus in Atlanta, the school in Savannah, Georgia and the French capital of Lorraine region Metz and Shenzhen, China also opened a branch.

Student Application Notifications


July 5- July 28 2018

Deadline for admission

Mar 9 2018

Teaching location

Atlanta U.S

Teaching institution

Georgia Institute of Technology

Applicable majors


Applicable  students

Freshman or above



Tuition and fees

4060USD,including tuition, application fee(non-refundable) food, housing, personal expenses, etc.


Advanced level of English proficiency.

18 years old or above when the program starts

18 hours or above courses per week

F-1 visa needed

Application materials

1.Submit materials in paper to global cooperative department including

1)course register form http://www.asp.gatech.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/81/2015/10/SUSTC_AppForm2016.pdf

2)certification of capital(4060USD or above, if the account is other’s ,a sponsor letter or certification must be submitted).http://www.asp.gatech.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/81/2015/10/BankLetterInstructions.pdf

3)Copy of the information page of passport .(The passport must be

Valid for at least 6 months after the entry.)


2.Pay 3040USD prior to Mar 14(including tuition housing, etc.)


Recommend by SUSTech, determined by Gatech

 Refund policy

Cancel prior to Mar 14, no penalty.

Cancellation due to visa refusal, 100USD I-20 fee must be paid.

Cancel during Mar 15 to Jun 17, 1000USD administrative fee must be paid.

Cancel after Jun 18, 1500 administrative fee must be paid.

For more details, you are encouraged to check the website below.


King’s College London Online Undergraduate Summer School 2020

King’s College London Online Summer School 2020

2020-05-18 Europe

Summer online courses at King’s presents students with the opportunity to access a summer school at the forefront of international education from anywhere in the world. King’s is a globally renowned university that offers a range of subjects across the summer portfolio, while promoting the innovative and research-led teaching that King's is known for.

King’s faculty and staff ensure a high quality of teaching across all of their programmes. Each module uses on-demand and live teaching to allow flexible and differentiated learning. The live lectures and seminars facilitate group discussion, debate and input between faculty and students.

There are two Online Undergraduate Summer School sessions in 2020. Students can study a maximum of two modules. Each undergraduate module requires a commitment of 150 hours study time over three weeks. KCL Online Undergraduate Summer School teaches a wide range of modules spanning subject areas such as health and science, law, governance, business management, culture and ancient languages.

Find out what you could study this summer at: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/summer/summer-schools/undergraduate/what-can-i-study

Undergraduate Summer School at a glance: https://www.kcl.ac.uk/study/summer/summer-schools/undergraduate/summer-school.aspx


Program Information

Program Time Session One: 29 June - 17 July 2020

Session Two: 20 July - 7 August 2020

Application Deadline Session One: 15 June 2020

Session Two: 4 July 2020

Teaching Platform Microsoft Teams


King’s E-learning and Teaching Service (KEATS)

Teaching Unit King’s College London
Eligible Major Open to all
Eligible Class Open to all
Entry Requirements 1) GPA of 3.2 out of 4 or 80% or above.

2) English language requirements:

· CET-4 (China) – 550; CET-6 (China) – 493

· IELTS - 6.5 (or equivalent) with a minimum of 6.0 in each skill

· TOEFL Internet Based Test - 95 with minimum 20 in all skills (within the last 2 years)


For more details, please refer to:


Program Fees SUSTech is KCL’s partner universities, therefore our students benefit from an application fee waiver and a tuition fee reduction*

(Partners & Alumni) ONLINE for 1 session: £1620

(Partners & Alumni) ONLINE for 2 sessions: £3240

Application Materials To SUSTech Global:

SUSTech Application Form for Online Study Abroad Summer Programs (Click to download)


To KCL (documents required during KCL online application):

1) Official academic transcript

2) Evidence of English language proficiency

3) Personal statement

Application Procedures 1. Send the SUSTech Application Form for Online Study Abroad Summer Programs to department for review and approval. If there is difficulty in signing the Form due to the pandemic situation, students can forward the approval email from department to SUSTech Global.


2. Send the SUSTech Application Form and other required application materials to SUSTech Global at global_students@sustech.edu.cn, Email subject: KCL Online Summer School 2020 + student name, number and major.


3. Register and complete online application at: https://apply.kcl.ac.uk/

Please do refer to the partner application guidelines when you apply online (click to download).



· You should receive a decision in seven working days as long as you have provided KCL with all the relevant documents.

· To confirm your place on the summer school you will need to log into King's Apply and pay your fees within 14 days of receiving your offer.

Review Unit King's College London
Contact KCL If you have a question concerning an application that you have submitted please email the admissions team through your ‘King’s Apply’ account.

If your question is about other aspects of the Summer School, please email summer@kcl.ac.uk or telephone +44 (0) 20 7848 1533.

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University of Queensland School of Engneering 3+1+1 program

University of Queensland School of Engneering 3+1+1 program

2018-03-04 Oceania

University of Queensland School of Engneering

3+1+1 program

University of Queensland is one of the oldest and most prestigious university in Austrilia and has ranked No.4 in the country. University of Queensland's outstanding teaching and research is world-renowned, attracting first-class researchers all around the world. Queensland is located in Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia. It is blessed with many natural landscapes, including the Great Barrier Reef, Holy Ghost Islands, Fraser Island and Daintree Rainforest.


The University of Queensland School of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology (EAIT) can provide high quality instruction in this field so that students can meet the high demands of the future industry. EAIT has an international team of dedicated, multi-cultural community-oriented development, for all students to provide a friendly environment. The University of Queensland's engineering offers excellent learning and social facilities, including a freshman engineering learning center and a variety of learning facilities. The campus has a beautiful environment and is second to none in Australian universities. Students learn from leading engineers, industry experts and teachers, and their research is transforming the world and the industry.


Participants in the project will study in SUSTech for three years and will spend the fourth year studying at the University of Queensland, those who finished the program will receive a bachelor's degree from Southern University of Science and Technology. After graduation, students can study at the University of Queensland for a one-year master's degree and obtain a master's degree from the University of Queensland.

Application Notice

1.Study period Two school year:a year as undergraduate;one year as master
2.Application Deadline Fall semester: March 31st
3.Location Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
4.Instruction Institution University of Queensland School of Engineering
5.Oriented major Chemistry Engineering, Civil engineering, electrical engineering, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, software engineering and other related professional
6.Oriented year Junior
7 Instruction language English
8.Tuition and other fees Tuition: About 23400AUD

Board and lodging expenses:About 20000AUD


9.Application requirement GPA:3(985/211)3.2(Non 985/211)or higher

Language score: IELTS score of 6.5 points or more, the individual score of not less than 6 points; or TOEFL 87 points or more, the individual is not less than 19, 19, 19, writing 21. (Language requirements must be met before enrollment)

10.Application material requirement First, please submit an electronic application form to Geo_students@sustc.edu.cn before March 1, 2017, and send it to Grace Li (grace.li@uq.edu.au), the University of Queensland contact person.

Second, after submitting the application, students will get the network application link, in the March 31 prior to login the link to complete the online application. The following documents will be submitted:

1. Incoming Study Abroad application form

2. Postgraduate Coursework Program application form

3. English official transcripts (including the results of five semesters)

4. Electronic language achievement

5. A letter from the Ministry of International Cooperation confirms that the student will be able to obtain a bachelor's degree certificate after successfully completing one year of study abroad.

10.Authrorized organization Admittion decided by University of Queensland
To learn more information about this program please go to

Chinese program flyer

Program brochure