Stony Brook University Winter program in Madagascar

New York State University Stony Brook Madagascar Winter Holiday Project

Sep 27, 2019 North America

Stony Brook University (SBU) is a famous public university founded in 1957. It is located in Stony Brook, Suffolk County, New York, and is the youngest in New York State. A university is listed by many public publications as one of the top public universities in New York State. Stony Brook University is one of the 62 members of the American Association of American Universities (AAU), ranked among the top 40 public research universities in the United States and the top 1% of universities in the world. Stony Brook University has many first-class scholars, and its teaching quality and research results are well-known internationally. The professors in Shixi gather among the top researchers in various fields. The famous physicist and Nobel Prize winner Yang Zhenning has been teaching at the school for 37 years. .Stony Brook University, a leader in primatology, ecology and evolution and sustainability studies offers an undergraduate Study Abroad program in Madagascar. The program is led by Dr. Patricia Wright, renowned scholar and MacArthur Fellow.

While based at Centre ValBio research station overlooking the rainforest and the rapids of the Namarona River, participants can work on an experiential learning project with experts in environmental arts, health care, conservation education, IT and engineering, water and climate, or herpetology.

Participants will also experience the culture and creativity of Madagascar. Activities include:

  • Visit remote villages with local guides to gather information, data and experience the culture
  • Weave cloth and baskets with village women
  • Observe the diversity of frogs-Ranomafana National Park has more frog species than any national park in the world
  • Spend time in Ranomafana National Park and observe the 12 species of lemur that make the park their home

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Application Guide

Study time From 2 Jan – 25 Jan, 2020
Deadline Oct 1, 2019
Teaching location Ranomafana National Park, Madagascar
Teaching units State University of New York at Stony Brook, ValBio Center Research Station
Applicable major Any
Applicable grade Any
Teaching language English
Tuition and fees and living expenses Total program fees: $6,937.30

The charge includes: application fee, administrative fee, tuition, college fee and so on. Please find more:

Requirements GPA 2.0 or higher
Application procedure 1.      Apply online :

2.      Send the GEO application form to email address:, name as “SUB2020Winter Application+ Name + Student ID + Major”


Approval authority Co-assessed by Southern University of Science and Technology and State University of New York at Stony Brook


Kent State University Overseas learning and exchange program

Kent State University Overseas learning and exchange program

Sep 29, 2015 North America

Kent State University

Overseas learning and exchange program


Kent State University is one of the century-old famous universities firstly approved and recognized and recommended by Chinese Education Department, ranking in the 194th in the universities of the United States reported by US News and World Report (2015). Founded in 1910, the university consists of eight campuses and has about 35000 students, in which there are more than 900 Chinese overseas students. Kent State University is one of the largest local education systems in the United States and its scale ranks in top three in Ohio. The university provides more than 270 undergraduate courses, 55 courses for master's degree and 22 courses for doctor's degree. Kent State University has been awarded as one of the “best universities in the Midwest” for many years by Princeton Review, which can prove its abundant strength in teaching and research.

The students from SUSTC can apply for one semester studying in Kent State University according to the cooperation and consultation between SUSTC and Kent State University. After the completion of the studying of one semester, the student can freely decide whether join the Kent State University 3+2 program or come back to SUSTC to complete the undergraduate education.


1. Study time At the beginning of the Fall semester of 2018
2. Admission deadline July 20, 2018
3. Teaching location Kent, Ohio, the United States
4. Teaching unit Kent State University
5. Applicable major All majors
6. Applicable grade Higher than freshman
7. Teaching language English

8. Tuition

The tuition will be collected according to the relevant regulations of tuition of Kent State University (Details can refer to:

9. Submission of admission application materials

Please click the link and apply according to “International Visiting Student”, application link of admission:

10. Approval agency Determined by the evaluation of Kent State University