Wentworth Institute of Technology visits SUSTech

Wentworth Institute of Technology visits SUSTech

Apr 07, 2019 Latest News

Last week, Vice President and Dean Eric Overstrom of Wentworth Institute of Technology came with a delegation to Southern University of Technology and Science (SUSTech). Vice President and Provost Tang Tao met with the delegation.

The delegation first examined the SUSTech 3D campus planning sand table, where they received a briefing about SUSTech’s plans for the future. They were also taken to the TaiYi supercomputing cluster, and later were taken to the headquarters of DJI Innovations (DJI).

Prof. Tang Tao introduced SUSTech and its development, before moving onto opportunities for cooperation with different colleges and departments with Dean Eric Overstrom. Both sides discussed the implementation of summer projects for their undergraduate students.

During the meeting, the two sides signed a faculty agreement for the summer exchange program. The agreement aims to promote interactive visits and exchange learning between students at both universities, while supporting cooperation in colleges and departments. It also seeks to explore different ways of cultivate students’ innovative and practical abilities.

The exchange will set a precedent for college-level exchange programs and provides more openings for students to improve their innovative thinking and practical abilities.

Wentworth Institute of Technology is a prestigious technical design and engineering university in Boston, Massachusetts. It has implemented elite undergraduate education, with a educational focus on innovation and entrepreneurship within a wider curriculum of practical science. They have trained many notable scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs for the engineering community, who are widely acclaimed in the industry.