Georgia Tech’s China Summer Program Takes Place at SUSTech

Georgia Tech’s China Summer Program Takes Place at SUSTech

May 24, 2018 Campus Life

On May 16, the 2018 Georgia Tech China Summer Program officially began at SUSTech and would last for two and a half months. At the opening ceremony, Office of Teaching Affairs President Li Yuan welcomed the incoming students and faculty members from the United States.

Entering its third year, the Georgia Tech-SUSTech Summer Program has attracted over 30 students and has built up a curriculum blending humanities and STEM courses. Many SUSTech students have also applied for this program, further promoting Sino-U.S. relations on a personal and institutional level.

Opening Ceremony

Director of Georgia Tech Shanghai, Professor Zhou Guotong expressed gratitude towards SUSTech’s support, in her role as the Director of the China Summer Study Abroad program. She said young people are the future and hope of every country, and the Georgia Tech-SUSTech joint summer program could promote mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and American youths.

Georgia Tech has been hosting summer programs in different Chinese cities for 13 years, and the 2018 program is its first one to be entirely set up on a university campus. As for SUSTech, its collaboration with Georgia Tech would also see the continuation of its Atlanta Summer Program since 2016.

Georgia Tech, officially known as the Georgia Institute of Technology, is a top-ranked public research university both in the United States and across the globe. Founded in 1885 in Atlanta, it is one of the top three science and technology colleges in the United States, along with MIT and Caltech.

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SUSTech Signs Agreement with Osaka Prefecture University

SUSTech Signs Agreement with Osaka Prefecture University

May 18, 2018 Latest

On May 14, 2018, President of Osaka Prefectural University (OPU) Hiroshi Tsuji visited SUSTech, where he signed an educational research cooperation agreement with SUSTech Vice President Tang Tao.

PHOTO CAPTION: At the Signing ceremony

At the signing ceremony, Tang Tao welcomed Hiroshi Tsuji and his delegation and hoped for more in-depth collaborations in the future – especially regarding student and faculty exchanges. Hou Shengtao, SUSTech’s Director of Global Engagement Office, introduced basic information of the university. Hiroshi Tsuji expressed his admiration for the development and achievements of SUSTech and expressed his confidence in the future cooperation between the two universities.

The OPU delegation also visited SUSTech’s Pico Center and attended a seminar at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

OPU is a well-known public comprehensive university in Japan. It consists of four colleges: College of Sustainable System Sciences, College of Engineering, College of Health and Human Sciences, and College of Life, Environment, and Advanced Science. It also has seven graduate schools, in the areas of engineering, science, economics, nursing, comprehensive rehabilitation, life and environmental sciences, and humanities and sustainable system sciences

Original Chinese Text: International Cooperation Department

English Text: Chris Edwards, Fan Yining

Chairperson Guo Yurong Attends Pan-African High-Level Conference on Education

Chairperson Guo Yurong Attends Pan-African High-Level Conference on Education

May 7, 2018 Latest

From April 24-26, University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong led a SUSTech delegation to Kenya to attend the Pan-African High-Level Conference on Education (also known as PACE 2018), jointly organized by UNESCO, the African Union (AU) and the Kenyan Ministry of Education. The SUSTech delegation also visited the United Nations Environment Program and the University of Nairobi.

Guo Yurong introduces SUSTech to Kenyan Minister of Education Amina C. Mohamed

The main participants of PACE 2018 were the Education Minister of 54 African countries, along with staff from agencies with the UN and AU, as well as staff from major non-government organizations, and leaders of the global education community. Participants shared their progress, experiences, and challenges of the SDG4 - Education, the Global Education 2030 Agenda, Africa Education 2016-2025 Agenda, and talked about how to promote the realization of the African Union 2063 vision.

On April 25, Amina C. Mohamed, Minister of Education of Kenya, made an opening statement for the Pan-African High-Level Conference on Education. Amina C. Mohamed welcomed the arrival of Guo Yurong and her delegation, expressing her gratitude to the Chinese government and people from all walks of life for their concern and support for Kenyan education. She also welcomed SUSTech to Kenya for further cooperation and educational exchanges.

SUSTech’s Director of Global Engagement OfficeHou Shengtao and Deputy Director of the Center for Higher Education Research Zhao Jianhua both delivered speeches at the “Digital Technology in Education” Chapter and the “Higher Education and Research” Subcommittee. They introduced the SUSTech and UNESCO Higher Education Innovation Center to their audience, along with innovations in higher education realized through information and communication technologies, and projects such as the Digital Education Partnership Program and Smarter Classroom.

The delegation held high-level talks with the director of the East Africa Regional Office of UNESCO Ann Therese Ndong-Jatta. The delegation also spoke at length with delegations from both the Ministry of Education Science and Technology and Sports of Uganda and the Ministry of Education of the Gambia. The director and the delegations were all invited to attend SUSTech in June of this year. A highly informative seminar took place about educational information technology applications in African universities.

On April 26, Chairperson Guo Yurong led a delegation to visit the headquarters of the UN Environment Programme. Founded in 1972, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, it is one of the only two UN agencies in the world that has headquarters in developing countries.

Guo Yurong presents school souvenirs to the Science Division of the UN Environment Programme

Guo Yurong introduced SUSTech’s characteristics and development to Liu Jian, UNEP’s Chief Scientist and Executive Director of the Science Division. Liu Jian expressed his appreciation for the speed and level of teaching and learning of SUSTech. He believes that SUSTech will surely become the frontier for innovation in higher education. Both parties hope to strengthen cooperation in scientific research cooperation, student internships, and forum cooperation. The SUSTech delegation also visited the Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations Environment Program. Deputy Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations Environment Program (Kenya) and counsellor Liu Ning welcomed the long-term cooperation between SUSTech and UNEP, saying that China is playing an increasingly important role in global governance and that it should become an active participant in international governance.

The SUSTech delegation also visited the University of Nairobi. The president of the University of Nairobi commissioned Xiao Shan, Dean of the Confucius Institute at the University of Nairobi, and Henry M. Mutembei, Dean of the School of Environment, to brief the delegation about the University of Nairobi. The two sides hope to strengthen cooperation and exchanges in such areas as education, scientific research, and student exchange.

SUSTech and the UNESCO Higher Education and Innovation Center have established cooperative relations with six universities in Africa and signed cooperation agreements with a further four universities. They plan to conduct joint research, scholarly exchange, student exchanges, joint training programs, staff training and a variety of other co-operations.

With the support of Weidong Cloud Education Group, SUSTech will develop smart classrooms and innovation centers through the Weidong Digital Education Bond Project. Co-operating with Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia, Ain Shams University in Egypt and Djibouti University, the smart classrooms will create a comprehensive learning management system, by expanding the available resources for educating students. These classrooms also facilitate the live broadcast of remote seminars or classes from the main campus to other campuses.

Original Text: Higher Education Research Center, Global Engagement Office

English Text: Chris Edwards/ Xia Yingying