British Culture and Education Consul of Guangzhou visits SUSTech

British Culture and Education Consul of Guangzhou visits SUSTech

Jan 29, 2018 Latest

On January 25th, 2018, Ralph Rogers, the Culture and Education Consul of the British Consulate in Guangzhou and South China Area Director of the British Council, led a delegation on a visit to SUSTech. Chief Operating Officer Lu Chun and Director of Global Engagement Office Hou Shengtao met with the guest. The two parties conducted discussions on the cooperation between the British council and SUSTech.

On behalf of SUSTech, Lu Chun welcomed the delegation and introduced the overall situation of Shenzhen city and SUSTech. Hou Shengtao presented the partnership with British Universities and hoped that the British Council could promote further cooperation between SUSTech and British universities.

Ralph Rogers appreciated the achievements of SUSTech in a such short period. He said he was confident in SUSTech’s partnership with King's College London and would like to enhance the collaboration between BC and SUSTech.

Source: Global Engagement Office

Text:Chen Zibing

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SUSTech signs enhanced Memorandum of Understanding with King’s College London

SUSTech signs enhanced Memorandum of Understanding with King’s College London

Jan 7, 2018 | Global Engagement

SUSTech signed an enhanced Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with King’s College London (King's or KCL), one of the world's leading research universities. This MoU aims to promote deeper collaboration between the two universities on education, healthcare, life and health sciences, etc. The United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for International Trade Liam Fox and Shenzhen Mayor Chen Rugui were present to witness the signing ceremony. British Consul General Guangzhou Karen Maddocks, Shenzhen Vice Mayor Gao Zimin, and King’s Deputy Vice President Tayyeb Shah also witnessed the ceremony.

The King’s delegation led by the President and Principal Ed Byrne, visited SUSTech on January 5th to extend the relation between SUSTech and King’s. This partnership will benefit SUSTech in its interdisciplinary research, academic and intellectual exchange, as well as enhance education, healthcare, life sciences both for the city and the university.

SUSTech President Chen Shiyi and King’s President Ed Byrne signed the enhanced MoU on behalf of the two universities.

Professor Chen said: “The collaboration between King’s, one of UK’s oldest universities, and SUSTech, one of China’s youngest research universities, will lead to enhanced opportunities for higher education and research in the fields of healthcare, life sciences, medicine, mathematics, etc.”

Professor Byrne said: “We feel excited for the opportunity to couple our world-leading expertise in Health with the innovative drive of SUSTech in the fast-growing Great Bay Area.”

Before the signing ceremony, SUSTech University Council Chairperson Guo Yurong and President Chen Shiyi met with the delegation led by the King’s President Ed Byrne in SUSTech. Both sides engaged in deep discussion regarding medical education and research.


King’s College London:

King’s is one of the oldest higher education institutions in England. King’s has produced 12 Nobel laureates, including Peter Higgs, a Nobel Prize Winner in Physics for his discovery of Higgs boson; 16 Heads of Government or State, and 34 current British MPs. King’s Clinical Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Mental Health, Nursing and Dentistry are among the best in the world. Its highest world ranking in recent years was the 10th, and it was ranked 21st in 2017 QS Comprehensive Ranking.

Source: Office of Global Engagement

School of Medicine Planning Office

Text: Xia Yingying

Photo: Wang Kaiqiang

President Chen Shiyi visits King’s College London to sign cooperation agreement

President Chen Shiyi visits King's College London to sign cooperation agreement

Dec 11, 2017 Latest

From December 7 to December 8, 2017, SUSTech President Chen Shiyi was invited to visit King's College London. Ed Byrne, President and Principal of King's College London, Sir Robert Lechler, Senior Vice President/Provost (Health), and Reza Razavi, Vice President & Vice-Principal (Research), met with President Chen. Lu Chun, SUSTech Associate Vice President (International Affairs), Hou Shengtao, Director of Global Engagement Office, and Zhang Jian, Director of Medical School Planning Office, accompanied President Chen in the visit.

Chen Shiyi presents the University Emblem to Ed Byrne

President Ed Byrne extended a warm welcome to President Chen and his delegation. He said that King's College London has a long history with fine academic tradition and rich cultural background. Despite its short history, SUSTech has been fast developing and made remarkable achievements over the past few years and it is hoped that the cooperation between the two universities will bring new ideas, new opportunities, and new prospects for the future of both sides.

President Chen thanked President Ed Byrne for his hospitality. He pointed out that as a young university, SUSTech is eager to learn from the top-tier universities in the world and pave the way for the bright future of her own.

President Chen on behalf of SUSTech formally invited President Ed Byrne to serve as a member of the SUSTech International Advisory Council (IAC), which was gladly accepted by President Ed Byrne.

On the morning of the 7th, President Chen and President Ed Byrne signed an important cooperation agreement on behalf of the two universities. According to the agreement, both sides will establish extensive and in-depth cooperation and exchanges in education and scientific research.

Chen and Ed Byrne signed an important cooperation agreement

During the visit, the delegation also visited King's College London Experimental Medicine Hub, Dental Institute, and the cutting-edge biomedical research center the Francis Crick Institute. There they had exchanges with relevant researchers.

Delegation and researchers communicate

The delegation visited Francis Crick Institute, a leading biomedical research center in the United Kingdom