FUB delegation visits SUSTech

FUB delegation visits SUSTech

Dec 26, 2016 Latest

A delegation of three members, including Christa Beckmann, Head of the Office of News and Public Affairs, Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) and Beate Rogler, Director of Beijing Office, FUB has recently visited Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). Tang Tao, Vice President of SUSTech held a meeting with Christa Beckmann.

Tang welcomed the delegation. Hou Shengtao, Director of the Department of Global Engagement, introduced SUSTech's history, majors, faculty and global engagement, expecting the two sides to enhance mutual understanding, and explore short-term undergraduate exchange and training cooperation through the visit.

Rogler expressed thanks for SUSTech's hospitality. She introduced the history, term and system, and summer programs of FUB, with emphasis on the features of Germany's higher education. She said that SUSTech is a young and internationalized university, expecting the two sides to seek fields of common interest and establish cooperative relations in the future.

During the visit, FUB's representatives communicated with the scholars of the Department of Biology, SUSTech.


Founded in 1948, located in Berlin, capital of Germany, Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) was formerly prestigious Berlin University. FUB is the largest general public university in Berlin, as well as one of 11 elite universities in Germany. Currently FUB has some 36,000 students, of which 16 percent are international students.

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Birmingham Sir David Eastwood visits SUSTech

Vice-Chancellor of the University of Birmingham Sir David Eastwood visits SUSTech

Jan 7, 2017 Latest

Professor Sir David Eastwood, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Birmingham, led a delegation to visit Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) on 6 January.

The President of SUSTech Chen Shiyi, Vice President Wu Chuanyue and Vice President Tang Tao, warmly welcomed the delegation at the International Meeting Hall. President Chen briefly reviewed the fruitful collaborations between SUSTech and Birmingham during the past year with emphasis on the frequent exchanges between the scholars of both sides, and looked forward to an even closer partnership between the two universities.

Professor Sir David Eastwood said, “It is amazing to see how SUSTech develops so rapidly with a stunning prospect. The outcomes of the mutual cooperation lied with Birmingham’s proactive and dynamic development strategies in China. Birmingham expects to establish as enduring partnership with SUSTech as with any partner universities with excellence.”

After the meeting, Mr. Liu Qingsheng, Standing Committee Member of CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee, met with the delegation at Shenzhen Civic Center (The City Hall). Mr. Liu said, “Shenzhen, as a city of innovation, has all along attached great importance to the development of higher education. The city welcomes world-leading universities to visit us and looks to see further cooperation between SUSTech and Birmingham.”Senior officials from the Shenzhen Municipal Education Bureau and Foreign Affairs Office attended the above meeting.

Background Information:
The Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech) is a public university founded in 2011 in Shenzhen, one of the most prosperous and dynamic metropolises in China. SUSTech is positioned to be a top-tier research university that excels in interdisciplinary research, nurtures innovative talents and delivers new knowledge to the world. Since establishment, the university has been widely regarded as a pioneer and innovator that catalyses the Chinese higher education reform, and has received world-wide attention as a promising young university of science and technology. The Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars has ranked SUSTech as  the 62nd among the top 100 institutions world-wide for high-quality science.

In August 2016, President Chen Shiyi led a senior delegation to visit Birmingham and signed a joint PhD collaboration agreement. According to the joint programme, SUSTech and Birmingham will jointly recruit PhD students to be supervised by academics from both universities. Students registered into the programme will spend a total of at least one year at UoB. The areas of collaboration include computer science, engineering, chemistry, biomedical science, and life sciences.

The University of Birmingham is ranked amongst the world’s top 100 institutions, its work brings people from across the world to Birmingham, including researchers and teachers and more than 5,000 international students from over 150 countries.

MIT-SUSTech Joint Workshop Held

MIT-SUSTech Joint Workshop Held

Jan 8, 2017 Latest

From January 6-7, 2017, the MIT-SUSTech Joint Workshop was held at the conference hall of the administrative building of Southern University of Science and Technology (SUSTech). The workshop was organized by college of engineering,SUSTech and department of mechanical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT). SUSTech President Chen Shiyi attended and delivered a speech.

Scholars from both sides discussed various topics, including 3D Printing, Design and Manufacturing, Environment, Quantum Computing, Energy and Robotics, at the workshop. Prof. Zhenghe Xu, the incoming Dean of College of Engineering, SUSTech chaired the opening session.

Chen welcomed the delegation. He said:” The workshop held today is of equal importance to both MIT and SUSTech, especially for carrying out explorations and researches in solving global issues, including environmental pollution, Design and Manufacturing,  energy, AI and Robotics.”

Gang Chen, Department Head of MIT Mechanical Engineering, expressed sincere gratitude to the Ma Xinrui, acting governor of Guangdong Province for his strong support to the event. He said:” The goals of today’s workshop is to develop areas of collaboration, and team up SUSTech and MIT scholars. I am looking forward to build cooperation in future.”  During the meeting, he made an introduction of MIT.

Lu Chun, Associate Vice President for International Affairs of SUSTech, made a brief introduction of SUSTech.

Background Info
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a private research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Founded in 1861 in response to the increasing industrialization of the United States, MIT adopted a European polytechnic university model and stressed laboratory instruction in applied science and engineering. Researchers worked on computers, radar, and inertial guidance during World War II and the Cold War. Post-war defense research contributed to the rapid expansion of the faculty and campus under James Killian. The current 168-acre (68.0 ha) campus opened in 1916 and extends over 1 mile (1.6 km) along the northern bank of the Charles River basin.
The Institute is traditionally known for its research and education in the physical sciences and engineering, and more recently in biology, economics, linguistics, and management as well. It is often cited as among the world's top universities.The "Engineers" sponsor 31 sports, most teams of which compete in the NCAA Division III's New England Women's and Men's Athletic Conference; the Division I rowing programs compete as part of the EARC and EAWRC.

Bringing SUSTech to the world, and the world to SUSTech

Bringing SUSTech to the world, and the world to SUSTech

Feb 25, 2017 Special Reports

SUSTech is a university with a global mission. International programs and partnerships have been her trademark since inception. In 2016, SUSTech continued to expand its global connectedness, farther and in various directions. Our partnerships with other educational institutions seek to foster an innovative approach to collaboration and include subjects spanning from bioengineering, energy, robotic, 3D printing to quantum computing, architecture, information science and many other realms.

A prolific year in striking global partnerships

2016 saw the inauguration of Shenzhen Grubbs Research Center which is the very first research institution in mainland China that has a namesake of a Nobel laureate. Robert H. Grubbs, recipient of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry will be will be the first director of this new research center.

In the meantime, SUSTech formalized 19 cooperative agreements with 15 prestigious universities across the globe. Primary among which are:

  • Joint top-tier medical school development program with Johns Hopkins University
  • Bioengineering student exchange scheme with Columbia University available for undergraduates, graduates and PhD candidates
  • Comprehensive MOU with University of Michigan
  • 3+1+1 student joint-nurturing program with The University of Queensland
  • PhD candidate joint-nurturing program and two comprehensive MOU with Warwick University, University of Birmingham, University of Leeds, University of East Anglia and University of Surrey

Additionally, another 7 strategic partnership agreements with Stony Brook University and University of California, Los Angeles are in the offing.

An active year in visiting and receiving friends

In 2016, SUSTech received Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova and welcomed 61 batches of visiting professors, scholars and faculties from 15 countries. Those distinguished guests from Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Birmingham, The University of Queensland and beyond came to us with edging technological knowledge that enlightened our teachers and students, as well as good will that herald further cooperation.

SUSTech faculties were also welcomed into various campuses, research institutions and trailblazing companies across the global in 2016. They brought back global perspectives on school management and talents cultivation from America, Britain, Canada, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, Macao and beyond.

A breakthrough year in exchanging students

Overseas exchange program is a formative and instructive experience for the students. 257 students participated in our global exchange programs this year in 2016. Summer Research Camp with UC-Irvine, Language and Culture Program with University of East Anglia and Georgia Institute of Technology, semester exchange with University of Sydney, joint-nurturing program with The University of Queensland, with these 6 new projects added to their choice basket, the number of students who studied abroad via our school-sponsored program increased by 7 fold this year.

We also welcomed 7 outstanding students from Cambodia, marking the start of international admission.

SUSTech believes that a great university must be a globally connected one. We are ready to build on our past achievement in 2017 and team up with more like-minded global institutions.