SUSTech and University of Surrey Sign Memorandum of Understanding and PhD Training Exchange Program

SUSTech and University of Surrey Sign Memorandum of Understanding and PhD Training Exchange Program

Jun 1, 2017 Latest

On May 31st 2017, the University of Surrey's Professor GQ Max Lu, Executive Vice President Greg Melly, as well as the Vice President of International Relations, Dean of the School of Engineering and of Physical Sciences, Chair professors of the Departments of Engineering, Computer Science and Chemistry visited SUSTech during which a MOU was signed paving the way for an official university exchange partnership. SUSTech President Chen Shiyi, Vice President of Research Tang Tao, Associate Vice President of International Affairs Lu Chun, vice president of graduate school Yang Shuanghua and representatives of the global engagement office were here to welcome the guests.

During the talks, the two sides exchanged views on the establishment of the undergraduate exchange program and agreed on a collaboration system. Both expressed their hope to start on the basis of traditional cooperation, and then to go on to explore unique and innovative ways to combine entrepreneurship, research and education together.

A doctoral joint training cooperation agreement was also signed between the universities, and from May 31st to June 1st, scholars from the University of Surrey conducted academic exchanges with relevant departments to prepare for the joint training.

Signing ceremony

Signing complete


The University of Surrey was founded in 1891, after a restructing of its predecessor the London Barthes Institute of Technology. On September 9th 1966, it was inaugurated by the royal family to become a comprehensive university. Currently there are approximately 15,000 graduate and undergraduate students. The University of Surrey is the main research center for small satellites, mobile communications and artificial intelligence technology in Europe.

The Guardian's 2016 British University Rankings places the University of Surrey fourth on their list, second only to Cambridge University, Oxford University and St. Andrews University. It was ranked No. 8 in the 2016 "The Times" British university rankings, and the Times Higher Education magazine ranked it 36th in the UK and in the top 251-300 in the world in its "British University Rank 2017".

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President Richard Englert of Temple University, Pennsylvania, visits SUSTech

President Richard Englert of Temple University, Pennsylvania, visits SUSTech

Jun 13, 2017 Latest

On June 8th 2017, the Temple University President Richard Englert arrived in Shenzhen to pay a visit to SUSTech. His counterpart Chen Shiyi welcomed him and his team to the campus, and they set up the meeting in the administrative building's 301 meeting room to talk about the future cooperation between the two institutions. SUSTech's Associate Vice President of International Affairs and Chief Operating Officer Lu Chun and the heads of the Environmental School of Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering and Department of Global Engagement also attended the talks.

On the site of the meeting

President Chen thanked Richard Englert's for coming to visit and expressed his gratitude to the Temple University for their support in the internationalization efforts of SUSTech. He said he will continue to cooperate with them on deeper and broader areas in order to build closer and more fruitful relationships.

Lu Chun then took over to introduce SUSTech's future development plans, faculty, scientific research projects, international exchanges as well as a brief history of the two universities' past collaboration.

Richard Englert followed to introduce the history, research projects and academic advantages of Temple University, the innovative and creative environment, the construction of top-tier disciplines and the international cooperation projects of Temple University.

Group photo

During the talks, the two sides agreed to further deepen the ties between the two undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as for the 3 + 2 dual degrees. They also agreed to implement the cooperation projects as soon as possible, and hope to build on the foundation of traditional cooperation to explore and innovate in terms of entrepreneurship, scientific research and education to form a synergistic relationship.

Temple University Dean Joanne Epps, Vice-Chancellor Michael Gebhardt, Vice-Dean of International Affairs Wu Jie and the Chief Representative of Temple University China Office were among the notable guests to accompany the delegation.

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Columbia University’s Dean of the Faculty of International and Public Affairs visits SUSTech

Columbia University's Dean of the Faculty of International and Public Affairs visits SUSTech

Jun 28, 2017 Latest

On June 24th 2017, Pr Merit Janow, Dean of the Faculty of International and Public Affairs of Columbia University came to pay a visit to SUSTech. President Chen Shiyi was there to welcome her as well as Pr Hou Shengtao, Director of the Global Engagement Office University, the professors of the Finance Department and student representatives to attend the talks.

Visiting the campus plans model table

          Chen welcomed Janow to the campus, and said that SUSTech was still in the process of internationalization and is actively establishing a scientific research and education partnership with world-class universities. He also said that SUSTech aims to build closer ties with Columbia University's International and Public Affairs, which could include joint research programs and innovative education systems. Hou followed with a speech to introduce the overall situation of Shenzhen and SUSTech, its development plans, the faculty and the various scientific research fields and international cooperation programs already in place.

Group photo

          During the talks, the two sides further exchanged on issues relating to scientific research cooperation, undergraduate and postgraduate exchanges and collaborative training, and reached a preliminary consensus.

After the meeting, Merit Janow and the Department of Finance professors and students discussed more specialised subjects such as information technology innovations and public policies, and also accompanied the visitors on a tour of the campus future development plans.

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