University of California at Los Angeles Cross-Disciplinary Scholars in Science and Technology Summer Porgram

University of California at Los Angeles Cross-Disciplinary Scholars in Science and Technology Summer Porgram

Oct 17, 2016 North America

University of California at Los Angeles Cross-Disciplinary Scholars in Science and Technology Summer Porgram

University of Carlifornia at Los Angeles is a public research university located in LA, California. It is one of the best comprehensive universities in America and have a good reputation for bussiness finance, high technology industry and movie art. As the most applied university in America, UCLA has always been the dream school for senior students all over America. Established in 1919, UCLA has become the second best among the public universites, right after UC Berkeley. UCLA has been on the Times’ list of top 50 universities in the world for years. UCLA is 24th in 2017’s USNews American university ranking list.  16 professors and alumni of UCLA have won the Noble Prize. UCLA is also well-known for the excellent performance of its students in the Olympic Game. Students and alumni of UCLA have attend every Olympic Game since 1928, and have won 233 medals including 123 gold medals.


CSST program have a duration of ten weeks. During the course, students will participate in UCLA labs to receive instructions from senior professors and training for research ability. After finishing the program , students will receive 12 UCLA course credits. This program mainly oriented to outstanding junior students that have strong interest in cross-disciplinary research and intent to apply for PhD degree in UCLA.


1. Time July 9th – September 15th 2017
2.Deadline for admission November 7th 2016, 23:59pm  Beijing time
3.Teaching location Los Angeles
4.Teaching institution University of California at Los Angeles
5.Applicabel majors Mainly target on STEM, others are also welcomed
6.Applicable  students Juniors
7.Language English
8.tuition and fees Tuition:5,343 Dollars,  Students admitted will acquire a scholarship to offset of this tuition

Living expenses: expected 5324USD

Application fee: 80USD (non-refundable)

9.language and grade requirment 1. GPA 3.0 or higher,you can calculate your GPA using the website below,choose America in the Country option

2. Language requirment: CET4/CET6/TOEFL/IELTS/GRE etc

To obtain the Visa,students have to achieve a 79 or higher. Toefl score or 6.5 or higher IETS score before March 1st ,2017.

10.Application materials  

Submit application to the global cooperative department prior to the deadline.

Sent your email to title with ‘ apply for the UCLA program + name +student number + major ’.

Online register and application : (IE explorer recommended) Materials below must be submitted.

1.     Your research experience

You may describe up to 3 research experiences you have. Your Curriculum Vitae

2. 2-Part Essay

Part 1: Personal Statement (300-500 words): Please browse UCLA department webpages and PhD program information. Then write an essay describing:

Your reason for applying to the CSST Summer Program. What do you hope to gain from this experience?

§ Your short & long-term career goals.

The UCLA PhD Programs that interest you.

Part 2: Summer Research Interest (100-200 words): Please browse UCLA research topics on UCLA department webpages. Then write an essay describing:

General research topic(s) that interest you. Be flexible and list more than one.

Area(s) you would like to focus on this summer. Be flexible and list more than one. Note: It is NOT recommended to name a specific faculty member in the essay as we will use it for mentor matching if you are admitted into the program.

3.English tests that you have taken

4. Official Transcripts

You are recommended to reference from the following website

11.审核批准 Determine by UCLA after evaluation and interview.
For more details:

2017 CSST Summer Announcement

Tips: even the GRE score is not needed for this program, but you are highly recommended to take the test prior to the beginning of CSST.