SUSTech Welcomes Students of Global Embracement Program Coming from across China

SUSTech Welcomes Students of Global Embracement Program Coming from across China

2021-01-13 Non-degree

New Year's Day has just passed and the new semester is already in full swing! Due to the continued impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, SUSTech launched the second phase of the Global Embracement program, accepting Chinese domestic students from partner institutions in North America such as University of Toronto, Rutgers University, Rice University, Stony Brook University, Temple University, University of Southern California, and Brandeis University to study at SUSTech. 122 international exchange students gathered at SUSTech on January 7 to begin their journey at SUSTech.

In order to let the students get to know SUSTech and its resources and facilities as soon as possible, and to have enough time to explore the campus and build friendships, SUSTech Global arranged a full and tight schedule in the "first class at SUSTech", inviting teachers from Teaching Affairs Office, Graduate School, Residential Colleges, University Library and a police officer to give the students a comprehensive introduction to study, life and safety.

To our valuable members: Study and life guide of SUSTech
Though the wind felt cold on the morning of January 8, the atmosphere in room 101, student dormitory 11 was warm. Ms. Jing Long, Associate Director of SUSTech Global, started her speech by warmly welcoming the international exchange students to SUSTech.

Ms. Long said that although the students came from different partner institutions and their visiting time in SUSTech may be long or short, they were valuable members of SUSTech. Long hoped that visiting students would make good use of the learning environment and resources provided by the university, and that their learning experience in SUSTech would be pleasant and inspiring.

Afterwards, Ms. Fang Wang and Ms. Wenni Lai from the SUSTech Global introduced the campus and students regulations of SUSTech, especially elaborated on the epidemic prevention measures. Ms. Zhihan Huang and Mr. Yuyang Zou from the Graduate School explained the course selection and accommodation rules for graduate students.

For undergraduates, Ms. Chunying Wang and Ms. Huili Fan from Teaching Affairs Office explained the regulations of course selection and examinations for undergraduates.

Finally, Mr. Zhenyu Liang, counselor of Shuli College, introduced various problems and precautions that students may encounter in the dormitory life on behalf of the college, and Ms. Lixinyu Yang, the resident counselor of Shulin College, also shared the guide of living in SUSTech.

Good assistant outisde class: Tips of SUSTech library
In addition to studying in class, the library is the most important place for students to study, find information and discuss outside class. Ms. Yixi Zhang from the library explained to students how to borrow paper books/journals/reference books, how to use electronic databases such as online journals, and how to reserve discussion rooms.

Guarding the campus guarding you: Safety education from on-campus police officer
In addition to university teachers, SUSTech Global also invited Officer Qiang Xu, an on-campus police officer of Tanglang Police Station with more than 10 years of experience, to give a speech about campus safety. Xu said the two top priorities were the prevention of COVID-19 and telecommunication fraud. During the special period, Officer Xu once again reminded students to wear masks when they go out, and to wash their hands frequently, open windows and keep social distance. Regarding the prevention of telecommunication fraud, Officer Xu used movie clips to explain in depth the possible methods of criminals and what students need to pay attention to.

The 122 international exchange students departed from their journey at SUSTech, and the university will welcome the second group of international exchange students in February this year. We wish the students a happy life at SUSTech, and make unforgettable memories during their short exchange time.


Text / Photo By Boqiang DU

Edited by Fang WANG / Guanying DENG