SUSTech signs Memorandum of Cooperation with Jagiellonian University, Poland

SUSTech signs Memorandum of Cooperation with Jagiellonian University, Poland

Apr 28, 2017 Latest

On April 25th 2017, SUSTech Vice-President Tang Tao signed a memorandum of cooperation with Adam W. Jelonek from the International Affairs of Jagiellonian University based in Krakow, Poland. The two sides committed to build closer relationships in the forms of student exchanges, cooperative research, joint training and in various other areas.

Talk to the scene

Before the signing ceremony, the two sides held talks. Tang Tao accompanied the delegation on a visit and introduced the characteristics and development of SUSTech. He said that Poland has a long tradition of scientific research, producing revolutionary scientists such as Copernicus, Marie Curie and other individuals who would shape the history and scientific knowledge of mankind. Jagiellonian University is one of the oldest universities in Europe and Poland's most reputable, with a very strong college system and internationalization process, and with 600 years of history and experience, it will be an ideal partner for SUSTech to grow with.

Adam W. Jelonek introduced the Jagiellonian University, explaining how it was founded in the Middle Ages, and how with the re-industrialization of Poland, it played a major role in developing cutting-edge scientific research and education. Currently, Jagiellonian University has been ranked as a top level institute in Europe in biochemistry, biophysics, biotechnology and various other fields. He concluded by saying: " Jagiellonian University is located in the ancient and beautiful city of Krakow, and with open arms, we welcome exchanges and visits from students and staff”.

According to the memorandum of cooperation, both parties will make the most use of their respective characteristics and complementarity, and actively explore and carry out cooperation and exchanges between the two universities, especially in biology and chemistry studies.

Representatives and professors of the Department of Global Engagement, the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Biology attended the talks and signed the agreements.

Jagiellonian University background:

Jagiellonian University was founded in 1364 and is one of the oldest universities in Europe. As the alma mater of the famous astronomer Copernicus, the teaching and research level of the Jagiellonian University ranks among the best in Europe, and is Poland's most important comprehensive research university, ranked 75 among the top comprehensive institutions of higher education. It is informally known among the Chinese academic circles as Poland's "Tsinghua University". In Poland, the Jagiellonian University has the largest number of professors with average academic publications and the highest professors average academic publication cited rates.

Contribution: Department of Global Engagement

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