Ziqin XU of Brandeis University: SUSTech Campus Is as Beautiful as a Wetland Park!

Ziqin XU of Brandeis University: SUSTech Campus Is as Beautiful as a Wetland Park!

2021-03-13 Non-degree

First of all, I would like to thank Brandeis University for allowing me to experience China's domestic university life in Shenzhen's Southern University of Science and Technology for the last semester before my graduation!

Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, many international students went back to their home countries. And after lying in the United States for half a year and then returning home lying for another two months, I couldn't stand it anymore. By chance, I saw the cooperation program between my university (Brandeis University) and Shenzhen Southern University of Science and Technology, and I was impressed! After learning about the comments on SUSTech, I decided to take it a try to apply. It took a lot of twists and turns, but I finally came!

The accommodation fee for undergraduates is ¥600/month, 4 people per room, and the dormitory is divided into male and female floors. You need to scan your face to enter the dormitory building, do extra face-scanning when entering the girl's floor, and use the campus card to get into the room. The floor I live on is new, with common restrooms and showers, but they are cleaned twice a day by an aunt. Each floor also has a refrigerator and hot water machine. Common laundry room is on the first floor with washing machines and dryers, free to use ~

There are several student cafeterias on campus, and they taste good, but international students need to pay an extra administrative fee, so you can choose Starbucks/KFC/Miandianwang Restaurant on campus or order take-out ~

Transportation / Surroundings
The campus of SUSTech is very big, and school buses run every 10 minutes. There is a small shopping complex with cinemas/restaurants/supermarkets, etc. outside the main gate. Right next to the campus is the Shenzhen Metro Line 5.

Regulations during the epidemic
I received an email before I came that SUSTech exercised strict control over campus entry, and I was scared to death that I wouldn't be able to leave the campus. In fact, if you leave and return the campus the same day without leaving Shenzhen, you only need to send an email to report. if you want to stay off-campus a little longer, you need to apply in advance one working day by email. In addition, you need to fill out a daily health report.

Learning / Facilities
Many teachers at SUSTech have experience in studying abroad, and their English is very good, and many classes are bilingual. I liked many of the classes I attended, but because my school requires that our courses be the main focus, I chose to attend the classes for now.
SUSTech currently has three libraries, self-checkout is very convenient, the library room can also be self-booked for group study/discussion. Basketball/tennis courts are also available for reservation! If you love sports, go for it!

In conclusion: SUSTech is a very international university in China now! For me, I quickly adapted and liked the life here. The university is really not short of money, and the campus is as beautiful as a wetland park!


Text / Photo by Ziqin XU