Summer semester – SUSTechers’ Going Global

Summer semester - SUSTechers’ Going Global

Sep 20, 2017 Latest

This year, SUSTech is focusing keenly on the implementation of broad academic exchanges with overseas universities which has become a distinctive characteristic of the young university. In the summer of 2017, just over 300 students headed out to the USA, the UK, Canada and Poland to spend their summer program in institutes such as the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Birmingham, King’s College London, the University of British Columbia and 10 other top colleges and universities from around the world.

Students studying at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the United States

The overseas exchange programs were the perfect opportunity for young SUSTechers’ to expand their horizons and gain some experience across the world, which will strengthen their global and international vision. This is a major feature of SUSTech in its ambition to become a high-level research university. The students used the time to brush up on their language skills, but also engaged in academic courses, some of which could be unrelated to their usual studies - offering them a chance to truly broaden their perspectives from all angles and learn to become more independent. In the past many of the students who went on international exchanges have ended up continuing their studies abroad after SUSTech.

Students studying at the University of British Columbia in Canada

Land, Food and Healthy Eating: The Canadian Way

Sensory Evaluation Lab

During the summer courses, there wasn’t a single minute to lose. At the University of British Columbia, the students took up 2 courses over a 4-week period. The UBC Professional Summer Program offers a choice of 55 courses ranging from science to architecture, art, business, education, medicine or oceanography. In the Pharmacology course, students studied the “drug manufacturing process” and “personalized drugs” courses, and all students took a small exam at the end to make sure they had kept up with it all. The ones who took up architecture had the opportunity to travel to Vancouver to learn more about the local building style there, while the ones who chose nutrition attended a diet course dubbed “Land, Food and Healthy Eating: The Canadian Way”.

Students at the King’s College of London take a group photo

King’s College London Courses

At the King's College in London, the summer course was divided into two phases. Each period of three weeks offered students the chance to choose six courses covering subjects such as medicine, health, law and business. The ones who picked business courses studied analytical models and strategies of multinational corporations, globalization and small and medium-sized companies, and the diversified and international classroom composition and curriculum provided a diverse and rich backdrop for the students. At the University of Birmingham, students took part in a three-week course which covered British cultural heritage, mathematics, finance, biomedical engineering, film and media.

SUSTech offers the chance to take part in summer exchanges with a wide range of top universities overseas, and according to each application, the university will provide funding for their overseas study.

In order to ensure the safety and smooth running of the students’ travels, SUSTech offers briefings and organizes question-and-answer sessions on cultural differences and life abroad. Before the students go, the Global Engagement Office organizes for students to participate in pre-trip training and health and safety workshops to make sure they stay safe and healthy. The office has also set up a special public platform to help students ask questions in real-time and share their overseas study notes as well as other important information.

Text: Wang Ziyi, student news agency Li Ruxuan

Translated by: Jeremy Welburn