Georgia Tech’s China Summer Program Takes Place at SUSTech

Georgia Tech’s China Summer Program Takes Place at SUSTech

May 24, 2018 Campus Life

On May 16, the 2018 Georgia Tech China Summer Program officially began at SUSTech and would last for two and a half months. At the opening ceremony, Office of Teaching Affairs President Li Yuan welcomed the incoming students and faculty members from the United States.

Entering its third year, the Georgia Tech-SUSTech Summer Program has attracted over 30 students and has built up a curriculum blending humanities and STEM courses. Many SUSTech students have also applied for this program, further promoting Sino-U.S. relations on a personal and institutional level.

Opening Ceremony

Director of Georgia Tech Shanghai, Professor Zhou Guotong expressed gratitude towards SUSTech’s support, in her role as the Director of the China Summer Study Abroad program. She said young people are the future and hope of every country, and the Georgia Tech-SUSTech joint summer program could promote mutual understanding and friendship between Chinese and American youths.

Georgia Tech has been hosting summer programs in different Chinese cities for 13 years, and the 2018 program is its first one to be entirely set up on a university campus. As for SUSTech, its collaboration with Georgia Tech would also see the continuation of its Atlanta Summer Program since 2016.

Georgia Tech, officially known as the Georgia Institute of Technology, is a top-ranked public research university both in the United States and across the globe. Founded in 1885 in Atlanta, it is one of the top three science and technology colleges in the United States, along with MIT and Caltech.

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Original Chinese Article by Global Engagement Office

English Text by Fan Yining

Proofread by Chris Edwards